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Resting on the fame / the ... - Lea Linster

So far I've been a fan of Lea Linster and her recipes. Yesterday evening we went to their restaurant for dinner, I had a gift voucher for the Bocuse d'or menu with corresponding wines. My two companions also ordered the menu, once also with corresponding wines. The menu was okay, if not great. The service unfortunately inattentive and not very friendly. There was no explanation of what was being served, empty glasses were only refilled when requested. We would have overlooked this if the invoice had not been presented to us incorrectly three times. The first time, my menu, for which I had a voucher, was also included in the calculation. after pointing this out, the bill can be re-billed and we found that the third person who had not drunk any alcohol was always charged for the corresponding wine. We also explained how the bill should be presented from our perspective.
After waiting more than 15 minutes for the new bill, we went to reception to speed things up. Now we met Lea Linster herself, who did not handle the matter very professionally. Looking rather annoyed, after a bit of back and forth, she then calculated the price by hand (in the heat of the moment, already annoyed enough, we did not pay attention to the fact that she also gave us the cheese that had been taken instead of the dessert for one of the menus billed). Half-heartedly she apologized from above and the friendly facade that was shown earlier when walking through the restaurant fell off. Although we were billed more than 100, - € too much, we were not even offered a small compensation, e.g. a coffee !! Otherwise a matter of course in the restaurant if a guest is justifiably not satisfied.
Overall, a disappointing and sobering experience. Conclusion: maybe I still cook according to recipes from LL, but I cannot recommend visiting your restaurant.