What are the latest developments in electronics

Electrical engineering / electronics

The electrical industry includes electronics and electrical engineering. The electrical industry is the second largest industrial sector in terms of employees after mechanical and plant engineering and one of the largest export sectors in Germany.

Electronics are understood to mean all processes in control, regulating and amplifier circuits as well as the processes in the components used for this purpose. Today it covers countless areas, from semiconductor electronics or microelectronics to quantum electronics and nanoelectronics. Since the triumphant advance of the computer, the constant development of information technology and increasing automation, the importance of electronics has steadily expanded. Electronics are very important in our society today and many areas can no longer be imagined without them.

Important fields of application for electronics / electrical engineering are, for example, plant construction, automation technology, batteries, entertainment electronics, electrical energy technology, cables, high-voltage capacitors, transformers, medical technology and defense technology.

Electronics enables innovative and efficient solutions for social needs and industrial user sectors

  • Digitization of the economy
  • Production / Automation / Industry (Industry 4.0)
  • Networked mobility / automotive
  • Cyber ​​security
  • Communication, systemic management and decision making
  • Energy / climate and resource protection
  • Health / Demographic Change

In order to remain competitive, companies must invest in research and development, advance key technologies and implement innovations quickly.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research supports electronics projects in the automotive, logistics, energy, mechanical engineering and medicine sectors.