What is your dream vacation

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It’s about to start and you’re already looking forward to it: Holidays at last! But what type of vacation are you? Take the test and find out.

Add up the points for your respective answer. Then look on page 2 to see what type of vacation you are.

1. You drive past a hidden waterfall while on vacation. What do you do?

With fun to learning success - that's how it's done
  • Get out of the car, jump in the water and feel alive. (15)
  • Take a picture and move on. (3)
  • I sit on the edge of the waterfall and stare inside for an hour. (1)
  • Was there a waterfall? (10)
  • Here at the quarry pond there are no waterfalls. (5)

2. In the hotel, the most important thing for you is ...

  • that the service is impeccable. (15)
  • that the bed is super comfortable. (5)
  • that there is a huge spa area. (1)
  • that the great club is right around the corner. (10)
  • that they offer a good cultural program. (3)

3. What is your favorite way of getting around while on vacation?

  • Through the city in a fast rental car. (10)
  • By bike or on foot through the mountains. (15)
  • Preferably as little as possible. (1)
  • Along the traces of long forgotten cultures. (3)
  • I take the direct route between two places. (5)

4. In any case, you should have in your suitcase:

  • I don't have a suitcase, just an ultra-light backpack with a GPS device and super tools. (15)
  • Sneakers and the latest Lonely Planet guide (3)
  • Hot clothes so that I definitely stand out in the evening. (10)
  • Sunglasses and swimwear (1)
  • I don't need a suitcase. I prefer to go on vacation at home. (5)

5. Where have you always wanted to go?

  • Lloret de Mar, that's clear. (10)
  • Wroclaw, the cultural capital 2016 (3)
  • In the jungle of Brazil (15)
  • To the Baltic Sea (5)
  • In the Swiss Alps to relax in the wellness hotel (1)

6. You want to try the hottest club in town in the evening. How do you prepare

  • I'm not that clubbing. (15)
  • I put on the tightest, hottest fumble and apply body glitter. (10)
  • Shorts and a shirt, I'm on vacation after all. (1)
  • A fancy dress / shirt (3)
  • You know me, I don't need to dress up too much. (5)

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Chillaxerciser (6-15)

When you go on vacation, you only want one thing: relax, relax, relax. Hanging out by the pool all day, going for a swim in the sea or just sizzling in the sun until you are crisp brown: this is what your dream vacation looks like. If your next vacation doesn't go to the sea, you can endure a spacious spa area and a few pampering massages. Just not too many excursions or group action!

Culture fan (15 - 35)

Here a small village church, there a monumental monument. You are the absolute culture fan! If you are planning a vacation, find out exactly which sights there are in advance. Because you don't want to miss any! Should your daily schedule get unexpectedly mixed up, it doesn't matter to you to book the guided tour through the remote monastery with a rocky journey very early the next day. This is the only way to experience the culture and essence of a country!

Homebody (35-50)

Vacation in itself is a nice thing, you think. Long sleep, plenty of time for good food and friends and you can finally devote yourself to the new Playstation 4. You don't have to go abroad to relax on vacation, the quarry pond does too. Then you have less stress with the journey, the unfamiliar food and the annoying fellow tourists.

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The party-goer (50-70)

Before you go on vacation, you go to the gym eight weeks in advance to get your body in shape. Your suitcase is actually just beachwear and a few hot outfits for the numerous clubs that are on your list. Then things really get going for you: party, dancing and lots of hot flirts. After all, you have to be able to tell something when you come back from vacation.

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Adventurer (70-90)

No one has ever experienced a vacation like yours before. You are sure of that. Equipped with the best gadgets, you set off to explore untrodden paths, discover foreign peoples and venture your way inland on your own with a small budget. So you can finally really slow down and leave everyday life behind you. Indiana Jones would be proud of you!

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