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Send package to United Arab Emirates

Customs information

To send a package to the United Arab Emirates, you must present a customs declaration in duplicate.

Sending gifts in a package to the United Arab Emirates

If you send a gift to a private person with the destination address in the United Arab Emirates, your shipment can be exempted from customs information if it meets the following two conditions: the The value of the goods must not exceed 1,000 dirhams (approx. 198 €, as of June 30, 2014) and it has to be Explanation of content with an invoice enclosed.

Commercial transport to the United Arab Emirates

  • You need one Eori number and one from the relevant chamber of commerce certified commercial invoice in English with the following explanation:
    "We hereby declare that the mentioned merchandise is being exported for our own account. The goods are of pure ... origin."
  • For a goods value of EUR 1,000 or more, you need an export declaration.
  • A preference certificate is required for goods with the country of origin EC.

Contact options for United Arab Emirates Customs: [email protected]

Properly prepare the shipment to the United Arab Emirates

For fast and smooth shipping to the United Arab Emirates, you should make sure that your shipment / package is adequately packaged and well protected. Also check the recipient address so that there are no delays and additional costs.

Of course, all of the above information also applies to the two most popular delivery destinations, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.