Tech start-ups create jobs

Start-ups create an average of 18 jobs

Berlin, June 9th, 2017

The tinkerer in the garage or the lonely programmer in the dark basement - the cliché of start-ups has little to do with reality. Start-ups are not one-man shows, they are major employers. On average, every start-up in Germany currently employs 18 people. A year ago there were only 15 employees, in 2015 only 13 employees. That is the result of a survey on behalf of the digital association Bitkom among more than 250 start-up founders. According to this, two thirds of the founders (64 percent) hired new employees last year, around one in four (27 percent) had no changes and only 4 percent had to reduce their workforce. “Start-ups have long since ceased to be only active in the classic IT sector, but offer innovative solutions in all sectors, from the automotive industry to the energy sector and aviation to the pharmaceutical sector. The number of employees in German start-ups, which has been increasing for years, shows that they are also becoming more and more successful, ”says Bitkom managing director Niklas Veltkamp.

Numerous more jobs are likely to be created in start-ups in the current year. More than three quarters of the founders (77 percent) assume that they will take on new employees. Around half of them (47 percent) estimate that around one to three additional jobs will be created. Around one in five (18 percent) are even planning to hire more than ten new employees. Another 14 percent of the founders assume that the number of employees will remain constant in 2017, only 1 percent expect to have to reduce staff. 8 percent are currently not sure how the personnel situation will develop.

Methodological note: The information is based on a survey that Bitkom Research carried out on behalf of Bitkom. 252 founders of IT and Internet start-ups in Germany were surveyed. The questions were “How many employees are currently employed in your start-up?”, “How did the number of employees in your start-up develop in 2016?”, “How will the number of employees in your start-up change -up is expected to develop in 2017? "

You can find the full press release from Bitkom here.

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