Why is the beach so relaxing

Why is the sound of the sea so relaxing?

The sound of the sea - many think of vacation and a beautiful sunset. If you ask brain researchers where the relaxing effect of the sound of the sea comes from, you get many answers.

Because there is no ONE answer for the relaxing effect of different noises. One thing is clear: relaxation occurs in the brain.

Nature sounds affect the brain

One theory of some brain researchers: natural sounds influence the so-called basic setting network in the brain. According to a study, natural sounds in these brain regions lead to relaxation and stress relief.

Noises bring back memories

Other researchers have found in a study that impulsive, short noises are more likely to lead to tension, whereas persistent noises - such as the sound of the sea - can have a more calming effect.

And - many researchers have long agreed - well-known noises trigger certain emotions in our brain and recreate situations that we have already experienced.

The sound of the sea reduces pain when visiting the dentist

Most people will probably associate the sound of the sea with a beautiful situation on the beach that they have already experienced. Whereas the sound of a dentist's drill is more likely to cause goose bumps and discomfort.
Years ago, researchers at the University of Witten / Herdecke found out that the sound of the sea can alleviate pain during dental treatment. The sound of the sea seems to be the emotionally stronger sound. The sound of the ocean can actually relieve pain, anxiety, and discomfort on the dentist's chair.

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