Why do people hate office jobs

Why the 9 to 5 job (viewed from the outside) doesn't make sense

by Tim Chimoy |

First of all: I've never worked in a 9 to 5 job for more than a few months and that wasn't a “real” job, but an internship, which, however, came very close to the classic office job.

What have you never worked? But. I cleaned, tidied up goods, distributed flyers (sometimes still today) and much more. And otherwise I was in all schools for a very long time. High school, secondary school, evening school, OSZ, etc. Now I help myself and other people to have more happiness, joy, freedom, love, awareness and success in life and (blog) business. Not quite lucrative yet, but .. I'm good because I do and trust.

The 9 to 5 job viewed from the outside

Back to the title: I deliberately wrote “viewed from the outside” because I am not in the 9 to 5 job and never was. I don't know what it is like when someone has been doing the same (office) job for 40 years.

Why this article? Because sometimes it still hurts to watch these people. There are people around me who do the classic 9-5 job. People who actually want and can do something different.

People who are talented. People who sell themselves below their value. People who did not dare to live the real self.

They are people I love and who (viewed from the outside) do something that doesn't make any sense in my eyes.

It's okay if you read this and are happy. If you're happy, so am I. But I see and feel how many are suffering. Are you suffering Then please read on.

8 hours of attendance and how much actual working time?

You are, say, 8 hours in the office. So far so “good”, I just think that you don't need to “sit around” that long, because - do the math yourself - you only really “work” for a small part of this time. The other part you are on Facebook, taking a break, doing private things, etc.

Some time ago Steve Pavlina calculated ... "that the average office worker only spends 1.5 hours a day doing real work ..."

Hardly any personal or financial growth

After 3 years there is still no raise in wages ... and not much else has changed either. For 3 years you have been going in and out of the house day after day in order to be at work on time and stay as long as the boss demands of you.

Perhaps the pay rise will follow soon - just - how much will that be? 50 €, 100 € or 200 € more? Maybe you go to further training and co - just - does it bring you something personally? Do you really care?

You hate Monday and love Friday

The most popular employee phrases are “Fuck, Monday” and “Thank god it's friday” (tgif) - why? Why do you do an activity where you are already looking forward to Friday on Monday and the following weekend? Why are you tormenting yourself? Why are you giving your valuable time to this work, which does not seem to fascinate or interest you particularly? So you're just wasting your life.

You give your time to something that you somehow don't like.

Time you'll never get back In the morning you torment yourself - in the evening you redeem yourself

To see again and again how many people “have to” get up in the morning to get out of bed and get to work. As if someone is forcing you. After “your work is done” - as if you had been on the construction site for 8 hours - you come home exhausted, think “finally redeemed”, “finally free” - and plant yourself on the sofa.

Same game the next day ... keep playing if you enjoy it. If not, there are other “games”. Favorite games that you can simply take out of the shelf.

The only thing you love about your 9-5 job is what's outside of the job.

There are breaks, company dinners and events as well as after work. These are the things you love most about your job. Are you familiar with that?

Sure, there are unloved things that “have to” be done. Only if that's the largest part of you, is that still healthy? Doesn't it stress and make you sick and moody? Don't let yourself be stressed! Change your thoughts, habits, and actions. Be brave and dare to do new things.

Do what you want. And not what I or others say.

I can't and don't want to change you anyway, just take you by the hand. Do what you really want and I'll take your hand ... when you reach out to me. If you want me to hold her

Thanks. With this article, my aim is not to put the 9 to 5 job people down, to generalize the whole thing, to call my path the “best” or something similar.

Rather, my concern is that those who are “trapped” in whatever way first become clear about themselves and their situation, that is, become aware and then, in the best case, act as they see fit . Because:

It's your choice.

You are free. You don't have to do what you really don't want to.

You don't have to do what others ask or expect you to do.

You are allowed and you can do what you want with all your heart.

Listen to your heart ... what does it tell you? What does “it” really want? What do you really want?

If you like your 9 to 5 job - great - if not, here are 3 simple and immediately implementable tips on how things could go on for you, yes, what you can do - now - if you want to change something and take the first steps " out ”trust.

Maybe you didn't realize before how nonsensical it is to go to the office Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. That's okay. Every day is a new opportunity.

Another chance to make the most of your (work) life. You don't have to get out of the job completely right away, but a reconsideration could be good for you.

Do you like to do yourself good

3 simple tips for more meaning and joy in life / at work:

1. Think about what makes sense to you and what doesn't. At first it doesn't matter how, where, what. It is important that you first just think about what makes sense for you. In life, at work, in the company, etc., a simple “I hate” and “I love” list is enough for quick results.

2. Use this list as a guide and recognize your passions. What do you love? What can you? What do you (still) want to do? Follow what you love and remove (radically or step by step) what you loathe. These can be things, activities, habits, but also people. Think in terms of solutions rather than problems.

3. Do. Do what you love Create a good life for yourself, a job that makes sense to you, and a positive environment. And if you now think: "Yes, but ..." then keep doing it until the "Yes, but ..." disappears. Take the first, no matter how small, steps

Decide for yourself, for your life and for the job that only makes sense for you. Know: Everything you can imagine - you can also achieve. You “only” need to make a decision and go courageously and confidently on the path.

Which way do you go What is more important to you? Luck or money?

Thank you, Valeria, for this exciting article. Check out Valeria's blog here.

A brief note on our own behalf: This article only reflects the opinion of the author, I partially, but not completely, share this opinion. However, I find the article good food for thought. Valeria Geizer wrote it in 2014. It inspired many people back then and still does.

Live by your own rules!

About the author

Tim Chimoy

Tim has been working on the topics of location-independent work and digital entrepreneurship since 2012. He earns his living as an architect, book author and consultant for new work and digital transformation. He is also the founder of the Citizen Circle. Even if Tim likes to travel a lot: His home is currently the city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

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21 responses to "Why the 9 to 5 job (viewed from the outside) doesn't make sense"

  1. Yes is a nice approach - in theory. In practice, people have families, children they have to look after, and so on. Some people just can't get out of their jobs. There is too much to it.

    I can do all of this from both sides. From the job and from self-employment. If you are single, it's all relatively easy. You just do what you want, what's supposed to happen big. In the worst case, Hartz IV, but you'll survive that as a single too - I've already worked for less, none of which is an issue.

    But if you have children that you want to take care of well, things look different. You can't just see what's coming tomorrow. You can't just take your child out of kindergarten because you don't have any money for it. Or stop buying clothes or simply not doing anything with them because you have no money for fuel and otherwise you can't get away. It does not work. And if you live in Munich and the first thousand people have already left for the apartment, certainly not.

    Many then accept the job because they do it for someone they love.

    And it should be noted that not everyone who has a 9to5 job hates it. There are damned many who after a short time hate self-employment and long to go back. Back to the times when you could give unsolved tasks back to the boss, when you had vacation, when you were allowed to be sick, when you didn't have to solve every shit yourself.

    For me it is still independence and it always will be. It's not 9to5 but rather 9am to 9am - independent is derived from itself and from constantly 🙂

    But right now it is of course very fashionable to make the "free life" palatable to others. Of course, only after you have sold them several guidebooks and a few seminars ... A rogue who thinks bad at it.

    • You speak to me from the soul.
      On the other hand, it is now easier than ever to make this exit part-time. To build something up on the side, to see whether it suits you or not.
      Then you can always decide. Do I want it all or not at all. Or maybe actually only part-time and 9 to 2 or similar.

      Greetings Oni

      PS .: Still great contribution. Because there are more than enough people who would like to, but do not dare to act without help.

      • Children are not a hindrance!

        I know enough people who don't run in the hamster wheel and go their own way and:
        they have children and: these children are not stupid, neglected etc., but without exception multilingual, mostly very successful in their job (which then often enough takes place in niches such as film, culture and sometimes even in the financial sector)

        The argument children, family, obligations (actually it's just about spending the evening in front of the telly and getting excited about world politics, which you can't influence as a little light anyway, instead of becoming active yourself

        I know people who despite surviving cancer (I also survived several serious illnesses, so what?) And despite having children and despite, despite, despite just not followed the rut. You live on ships or here on the island, or you move a farm with a holiday park in Germany or you have pulled up entire film festivals out of nowhere, more than enough

        Children, family, obligations and insurance are an excuse: but
        certainly not a hindrance. They're an excuse to live with the remote in hand

    • A wonderful article that speaks to me personally, but unfortunately one thing is not considered here: the need to secure its existence. Not everyone can do what they want, because they rely on their 9 to 5 to live. Those who get off the hamster wheel usually have to run through the dung for a few more years financially. Not everyone can afford that. So I would be very interested in how the author actually finances her life? I would say, dear Ms. Geizer, first gather a few years of experience in working life and then let's see whether you will then arrive at reality?
      Not meant badly, I'll get out soon too, but for that I first had to walk through the nine to five crap for several years in order to have enough savings for emergencies so as not to have to depend on H4. I rather think that EMPLOYERS have to react. Many AG are still so backward and are holding on to this old braid, although many employees would be much more productive and efficient if they could organize their time flexibly.

  2. Hello Max, thank you for your comment. Yes, you may be right, but “child” and the like is again one of those excuses. Understand what you mean and don't mean it badly, but anything is possible even with a child ...

    Especially here in Germany, where there is support from the state, “we” have it easier than in countries where there is no unemployment benefit or similar. Exactly the examples you cite are reality abroad and certainly also in Germany. It was the same with us. No money? No toys, no / used clothing, etc.

    I understand what you mean. My mom goes to work for me today, just like she did then, and I thank her for that. Still, I keep telling her: You don't need that. You don't need to suffer. It's okay if you earn less, give me little or nothing, but live happier and healthier lives. Unfortunately, she doesn't understand it that way. So now I “work” harder every day to take care of them. 🙂

    It is a gift when someone cares for you because they love you. But is it love when one dies as a result? Without a bit of egoism anywhere, since the person has declared himself to be the “provider”.

    I know that there are people who love their 9 to 5 job - great, I'm happy! 🙂

    It's great that you prefer self-employment. Yes, I know 9 to 9, but independence can also be without constant. 🙂

    With this article, I am merely disclosing my observations. If necessary, a piece of inspiration and motivation can be taken from it.

    Thank you and LG, Valeria

  3. So the article speaks to me from the bottom of my soul.
    That's why I quit my 9-5 office job at the end of July. Now I can "bear" it until the end of October and see what comes next.
    In the meantime I felt so bad in the 9-5 prison that I am not afraid of the future either.
    I want to do something that makes sense to me. I want to be flexible. And I want to live a happy life. That's all that counts.
    The fast career and the big money were at the top of my list for too long. Now that it's all so close, I really don't want it anymore.
    Thank you for this article!

  4. Huhu Judith. Great - very brave of you. Can you be proud and you can easily get this thing done by October.

    Just like that! Now speak to me from the soul. I don't want to do anything that doesn't make any sense at all, etc.

    The "when you have it, you don't want it anymore" I experience and hear again and again and find it somehow fascinating. Thank you and all the best

  5. I think and hope that there will be less and less face-to-face work in the future and that a lot can be done in the home office - at least in the professions where it is possible!

    Unfortunately, many companies are still far from it and still rely on a (for me) no longer up-to-date 40-hour week.

    Definitely a great article that also coincides with my experience!

    Best wishes

  6. Hey, the 20/80 principle when it comes to performance at work, I say ......
    It's just like that here that you quickly become dependent. Be it with financing (house, electric, car subscriptions etc.) As soon as you are in this situation and have your “backpack” full, you can unfortunately not get out of this hamster wheel so easily. There are also children who have to offer something as well.
    . In addition to a normal 40-hour week, there is also the travel route, so there are easily 50 hours + overtime. You are trapped, you live in your family house and you hardly notice anything because you are not at home all day. I think everyone who is lucky enough to have an office job can automate the work processes with a little skill and turn his 50h week into a 25h week !!!!! You just have to want it and act strategically.

    • Thank you, agree with you. The habits of life - yes, everyday life can make it difficult. The chains that hold "us" captive can only be broken by ourselves. At least most of the time, and at least a little. In addition, “others” are welcome to help.

      Exactly! In order to loosen these chains, we “have” to want and do in the first line. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Hello Valeria,
    thanks for the interesting article, even if I don't understand why people care so much about others? They live in their world and will do what is necessary to change if they really want it. Or?
    I am also free and work on a number of projects for myself.
    The time, whether from 9 am to 5 pm or whatever, has never played a role. Rather, it was about self-realization and independence!

    • Hey Alex - yes, please! And haha, yeah, I don't know either. Probably an (old) habit of mine or was / is simply a moving observation.

      Good point. I think some, many, or even all of them need an eye opener every now and then. A push, kick or something else from the outside. Of course they “have to” do it ourselves, but if you don't know how, you are welcome to be inspired and motivated.

      Class! Thank you and all the best on your way!

  8. An article that speaks from my heart. As you already explicitly mentioned, condemning 9to5 jobs in general does not make sense; it's about the motivation behind every hamster in the wheel. If office fulfills you, that's great. If not (as is appropriately addressed here), it is time to change something. Quite simple.

    Have a good weekend,

  9. The one and a half hour working day per day seems a little little to me. More than 4-5 hours would again surprise me from my own experience.

    Here in the US, it's all even more exaggerated. People are downright proud of working overtime. Many employees do not even make full use of their vacation time of only 1-2 weeks a year. The people are not more productive than we are in Germany, but the main thing is that the appearance of “hustle and bustle” is preserved. 😉

    How do you think about our work ideas in 20, 50 or 100 years?

    Greetings from busy New York

    • Do we agree on 2.5? Isn't that much ...

      Interesting! Thanks for the insight. I didn't know that, except that there are of course other “work customs” abroad. I also notice it here in Ukraine. For example, that there are also such "9-to-5 candidates" here ...

      Let us remain full of hope and confidence. GZ

  10. The article certainly contains some good approaches to asking yourself over and over again, “Is what I'm doing right now? Does it make me happy Or am I just doing this to stay in my comfort zone? " I consider this self-reflection to be very important and I force myself to do it again and again.

    Nevertheless, one cannot generally badly talk about 9 to 5 jobs. If only because no economy would function without a certain number of people doing 9 to 5 jobs. An economy doesn't work when everyone in Thailand hibernates and only writes blogs about being happy. Nor could we maintain our social safety net without these oh-so boring and unhappy 9 to 5 workers.

    On the other hand, everyone feels their job differently. Some like to go to work every morning and look forward to chatting with their colleagues again, creating a little something and then dropping the pen at point 5 in order to pursue the things they enjoy afterwards. Who may not even want to do a job where they have to work overtime or have a lot of responsibility. Probably accepting that they might earn less and not be able to afford long-distance trips and long vacations.
    Just like there are always people who define themselves through their success in their job and become happy with it. Those who hang in to get promoted, to get more responsibility and of course to get a higher salary. For whatever reason. For the self-esteem, to be able to afford expensive hobbies or expensive vacations or whatever.

    I see my job as necessary to be able to afford the things that make me happy and that I enjoy. If I earn more than I can spend with the remaining free time and I have the feeling that I no longer work to live but live to work, I shift down a gear.

    There are days and days at work itself. Sometimes it's a lot of fun, sometimes you're happy when the week is over. But I think that's the case with every job.

    And as some have already written before me: Always doing what you feel like doing, with the risk of ending up in the social catchment basin, may still work when you are alone. But if you have a wife and child, you don't only have to take responsibility for yourself and then you can't take every risk in the hope that it will make you happier.

  11. Mobility and freedom are good things. And yes, you can even do that with family. But it then costs more accordingly. School fees and health insurances cost a fortune in some countries and living in a tent with a family is no longer the best option.

    In order for it to really work in the long term, you have to invest in a good business idea and do some development work so that it then lasts for 20-30 years or, alternatively, enables a lucrative exit beforehand. Not everyone is lucky enough to land a hit with an app.

    There are people who earn so much money on the go with a laptop that the whole family can make a living from it and the children can still study. But they built something sustainable for many years beforehand. And good luck.

    To be honest: The business models of many nomads are based solely on selling their dream to others or offering services around it. For comparison: There are other people on the Internet who actually get really rich with "Get rich on the Internet", just because they sell tips on how to get rich on the Internet (they just tell you how they did it themselves - chain letter sends its regards). Unfortunately, this is not sustainable because at some point there will be more sellers than buyers.

    Just live from hand to mouth into the day, covering costs, that might work until 30 and then it will be tight because you have to build up reserves. Just an example calculation: As a self-employed person you have to have around 600,000 euros on the high edge up to 65 (taxed, gross must have earned around 1.2 million euros by then if you get by with little to live on). That is enough for 25 years for a pension of 2,000 euros a month. Without inflation and only for yourself. Whoever has to or wants to feed a partner, needs more accordingly. With a lot of talent in investing, maybe a little less. But round about that is really the minimum, because you also have to pay taxes from it.

    Everyone should ask themselves: How old am I already and where is my account or depot today? Don't think you can hold out until 80 or 90 on the beach. That the younger generation has not yet pushed you away. That the whole internet will run differently now. At some point you can’t think of blogging anymore because the idea has outlived itself like Flower Power once did.

    So what? Doing street music at the age of 82 to have something to eat? What if you get sick and need help? You may not be able to imagine today that you are no longer as productive at 65. At 80 you are really tired. No matter where in the world, as you get older you have to rely on social ties and supportive structures. Denying it only leads to loneliness.

    So: Everything is super awesome, but please do it from 30 times and plan again. Only the very successful can then afford to continue.

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