How can I learn freestyle rap

Learn freestyle rap - useful tips

Anyone who wants to learn freestyle rap has a lot of hard work ahead of them. But almost everyone can learn this. A little method and the right know-how are important. You will find the necessary information here.

This makes it easier for you to learn freestyle rap

  • A good preparation is to use your previous knowledge. If you want to learn improvised rapping, you will often hear this type of music. Take advantage of this by memorizing song lyrics that you like. Rap these on your own or in front of the mirror if that helps. It is important that you get a good feeling for the rhythm.
  • Practice - quite banally - the rhyming. They don't necessarily have to be complete poems, it is enough once you find words that are similar and, above all, sound the same in their ending. Just start with written exercises first. If this is easier for you, write lines of text for your own composition or for an entire song. Only then do you start rapping, because you only learn freestyle rap gradually.
  • Realize that one of the most difficult things to do is do a freestyle rap without a set rhythm. So you'd better let a rhythm pattern run as a recording or a friend join in as a beatboxer until you are in the rhythm. By the time you get started, you have already formulated a few lines of text in your mind and can then continue with the correct rap flow as soon as these are "used up". It's good if you don't rap alone, but with at least one other freestyle rap fan. Then you can take turns and have some time to think about further text while the other raps. Practice as often as possible and you'll soon get really good.

The rap battle is an effective exercise

  • Have a freestyle rap battle with one or more friends. Dissect each other to your heart's content and rap each other to the ground. In the beginning, nobody asks you to be perfect. It is important to encourage each other to get better and to get into the ideal rap flow via the rhythm. The opponent gives you impulses and suggestions for your next lines of text. This stimulates your imagination and you can think of more specific lines. When you've practiced rhyming well, all that's left to do is organize those thoughts, put them into words, and rap.
  • Don't be discouraged if your efforts to learn freestyle rap are not progressing as quickly as you would like. No master has fallen from the sky yet, not even a rap star. Keep up the desire for freestyle and fight with friends as often as you can. It's also good if you fret about the dissolution. Anger, even to a small extent, is a very strong feeling, which in this context gives your texts more power and makes you appear more determined.

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