Men were taller in the past

Body size: 100 years ago people were considerably smaller

The tallest women live in Latvia, the tallest men in the Netherlands. That was the result of a study by Imperial College in London. The average 18-year-old Dutchman was about 1.83 meters tall in 2014, the average Latvian 1.70 meters. Germany ranks 14th for women (1.66 meters) and 11th for men (1.80 meters). In 2014, the smallest men lived in East Timor (1.60 meters), the smallest women in Guatemala (1.49 meters).

Majid Ezzati's international team of researchers examined data on the height of people in 200 countries who were born between 1896 and 1996. It also came out that the people in many countries have grown considerably larger over the past 100 years. This was most evident among men in Iran and women in South Korea. While Iranians are on average 20.2 centimeters taller than they were 100 years ago, South Koreans have grown 16.5 centimeters.

The researchers hope that the findings will allow conclusions to be drawn about the state of health in the countries examined. "This study gives us a picture of the health of whole peoples over the past hundred years," said Majid Ezzati. Those who are taller live longer on average and are less prone to cardiovascular diseases.

07/26/2016 l dpa

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