Which term includes both VR and AR

Extended Reality: What is XR?

Augmented Reality (AR for short) means something like "Extended reality". This technology adds virtual objects and information in the real world and thereby expands it. Virtual elements include images, text and animations. With augmented reality, the real environment remains the focus of perception. The user can only interact with virtual objects to a limited extent or not at all.

Augmented Reality is so far most used form by Extended Reality. A major reason for the success of this technology is that low technical requirements. Augmented Reality can already be used with a simple smartphone, tablet or PC and is therefore easily accessible to end users. Special AR glasses are also available that project virtual objects in front of the wearer's eyes. The outside world remains visible in this case.

A special one well-known and successful example for augmented reality is the game Pokémon Go, which is available as an app for iOS and Apple. It is one of the most successful games for mobile devices and, with a profit of over one billion euros, is also the most successful AR game to date. In Pokémon Go, the mobile device displays digital characters (Pokémons) in the real world, thereby expanding reality. On too Social media channels Augmented reality has moved into our everyday life: With filters, for example, users expand their photos or videos with virtual objects such as hats, sunglasses or even make-up.