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Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute

"Sincere Ashtanga Yoga"

You live in Mysore, India. You get up in the still dark of the night to join the group of students who gather on the cold steps to get the best seat in the 6 o'clock class. This is led by the indomitable Sharath Jois, who has been on his feet for his own practice since 2:00 a.m. This is the elite Ashtanga Yoga Institute where the style was born that millions have adopted.

  • What we like
  • This is where Ashtanga Yoga was (re) invented
  • Lessons from Pattabhi Joi's daughter and grandson
  • Ashtangis from all over the world meet here
  • useful information
  • Lessons mostly in private practice, in the Mysore style
  • Demanding yoga, not for everyone
  • No board or lodging
  • Why go there
  • Pure Ashtanga
  • Elite center

To be able to say as Ashtangi that you studied at the Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute is a bit like saying a pianist that he studied at the Julliard School. Demanding, grueling, infinitely rewarding.

Pattabhi Jois developed and used the Ashtanga style in the early 1930s. He dispensed with elements of yoga such as philosophy and meditation and concentrated entirely on demanding physical movement and breathing. His philosophy was very simple: complete the movements, and of course the rest will follow. This style has taken the yoga world by storm, and Ashtanga has become one of the most widely used terms, along with Iyengar and Bikram.

In the hot, sweaty atmosphere of an Ashtanga class, Joi's logic is easy to spot. The concentration on breathing is so intense that it suppresses all other thoughts. Random meditation in a sense. The movements are so intense that the body temperature increases drastically, toxins are transported away through sweating and the muscles are warmed up to a point where they almost "melt" into the body positions. This is the reason why a Jois A trained Ashtangi will do nothing but asanas for years.Only when the body is as fundamentally prepared as possible can the students move on to the next of the "eight limbs" of yoga.This aspect is so important in the Ashtanga direction for new students Sign an agreement at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute that they will not engage in any of the other aspects of yoga or any other style of yoga during their stay.

The study stay here is limited to three months, after which at least 6 months must pass before you can apply again. The minimum stay is one month, a drop in the ocean compared to the years it can take to possibly perfect the asanas. Applications are only accepted via the centre's website and are automatically rejected if they are submitted less than 61 days before the planned start. The Shala is open all year round, with the exception of lunar days and Saturdays, which are closed days.

There is no on-site accommodation, and students often share apartments in the neighborhood. There is a slight competitive atmosphere among the students at the Ashtanga Institute - the same kind of friendly rivalry that can be seen in a group of athletes on the same team.
This is certainly a center that is different from others: the students are almost all from somewhere outside India, some have traveled halfway around the world to study under Saraswathi Jois and Sharath Jois, daughter and grandson of Pattabhi Jois.

Forget about gentle, loving yoga with soft sounds in the background. This is a yoga boot camp, and Sharat Jois's strict tone fills the shala as he challenges and abuses the slender bodies around him. This is how it goes on Friday, in the only class that is instructed by a teacher. In the Mysore style, the lessons are otherwise self-guided, which means that each student practices their practice alone, in their own way and at their own pace. Sharat Jois also holds weekly Sunday meetings, purely for discussion and only for advanced students.

The mornings are devoted to practice. In the afternoon the shala is empty and deserted. This is a harsh style of yoga, only for a certain type of yogi. And this guy drawn here won't be disappointed. Though a challenge for any newcomer - though few step over the threshold here who are new to the style - the learning experience to be found here is deeply satisfying. Trust the wisdom of Sharat Jois and the unique nature of India. Aum.

About the region: Mysore

Mysore was once the center of the Indian economy. While that title has been taken over by Bangalore, Mysore is still well worth a visit as a relaxed and very pretty place. It gives the feel of an old world, a nobility that seems to be a holdover from 19th century India. Mysore is known as the incense capital, and its open-air markets are a bewitchingly fragrant and utterly unique experience. Every year during the ten-day Dhussera Festival in October, the mythical triumph of good over evil is celebrated in a city-wide festival. The city comes alive and the main parade is a great opportunity to encounter some of the city's sacred elephants. Apart from the monsoon season (June - August), Mysore has a pleasant climate all year round. Although the temperature can reach 39 ° C in summer, the humidity is low enough to make the heat bearable.

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