Are gelatin and pectin the same thing?

Gelling agent agar agar and pectin

Gel with vegetable agar and pectin

Herbal gelling agents agar agar and pectin are perfect for calorie-free and vegan gelling of desserts and jams.

Vegetable binders and gelling agents: agar agar and pectin

Gelling agents are food additives. They bind water and give many dishes such as sauces, desserts or jams a firm or creamy consistency. Animal gelatin is often used as a conventional gelling agent. However, the trend is moving further and further away from animal products made from hides and bones towards alternative, plant-based products. We are talking about these two in particular: agar agar and pectin.

Agar Agar

Agar Agar is a herbal gelling agent made from dried seaweed. When you open it for the first time, it can smell like sea water - but the smell disappears after a short time. Agar Agar is labeled as E-406 on food.
It is suitable for binding desserts, cake icing or for boiling jam. It is available in the form of powder, flakes, sticks, or sheets. Desserts with kiwi or pineapple can even only be bound with agar agar, as specific enzymes in the fruit dissolve other gelling agents.
Agar Agar is rich in fiber, minerals and iron. In addition, it is almost calorie-free, tasteless and does not require any sugar to gel.

Rule of thumb for the dosage

1 teaspoon for 750 ml of liquid
¾ teaspoon for 500 ml of liquid
¼ teaspoon for 200 ml of liquid


Pectin usually consists of dried apple pomace and lemon. It is also available in pure form as apple pectin in powder or liquid form. In food, pectin is labeled as E440a or E440b. It is ideal for jelly, jelly or ice cream. Pectin is just as low in calories and high in fiber as agar agar, promotes satiety and positively stimulates bowel activity.
The fruits do not have to be pre-cooked for a long time to make jam. The gelling process starts very quickly with herbal remedies.
Agar agar and pectin can only be used when they are hot. In addition, always pay attention to the shelf life of the gelling agent, as the binding capacity can quickly decrease with expired products.