Will Camilla be queen when Charles dies

This is why Camilla will not become queen when Charles takes the throne

Duchess Camilla (73) has been married to Prince Charles (72) for over a decade, but she will not become a Queen Consort if her husband inherits the throne from Queen Elizabeth II (94). According to an official statement from Clarence House, the Duchess of Cornwall will receive a special title - but not that of Queen.

The duchess is said to be called the princess consort when the prince ascends the throne", It says in a statement to the" Times "according to" Express ". It has already been agreed that Camilla will become the Princess Consort of the United Kingdom when she married Prince Charles in 2005.

Despite everything, could Camilla become queen?

Although Charles and Camilla's decision has already been made public, experts say the future king could change his mind in favor of his wife and bestow her with one of the most important titles of the British royal family - that of queen.

Prince Charles' wife Duchess Camilla

At the time of his accession to the throne, Prince Charles will no doubt consider public opinion when deciding whether to become Queen Camilla. He may also seek advice from the then government", Says an expert to" Express ".

Duchess Camilla's duties as a princess consort

Although she does not become a queen, Camilla is expected to fulfill the duties of a royal consort, regardless of her title. At the moment, it seems like the most likely addition to the name is Camilla, Princess Consort of the United Kingdom.

Duchess Camilla missed the Queen's annual Christmas dinner

Camilla's history in the royal family has been unconventional before. Prince Charles and Princess Camilla, who got married late, agreed at the time that Camilla would not accept the title of Princess of Wales. Lady Diana († 36) used to wear this addition.