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defense: New unit: USA is preparing for war on the Internet


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This combination of the previous cyber troops harbors the next problem. Because so far a clear line of command has only been provided from the president to the commander of the new unit. According to critics, a conflict of jurisdiction is emerging between the individual military parts. The new command must be structured completely differently than the otherwise usual rigid hierarchy in the military, says IT security expert Michael Tanji in the specialist magazine Defense Technology International. Otherwise it is doomed to fail.

Another obstacle for Cyber ​​Command: The armed forces still lack rules of action for attacks from the web. In any case, the unit initially operates within narrow limits. Your responsibility is currently limited to military servers, which can be recognized on the Internet by addresses with the ending ".mil". If attacks from outside target government servers with “.gov” or private networks with “.com”, the Department of Homeland Security or the Federal Police FBI are responsible.

If the inventors of the Cyber ​​Command have their way, it will soon be able to cooperate more closely with the authorities and private companies in order to be able to really comprehensively protect the network world in the USA. To do this, the White House and Congress will have to change some laws that date back to the days when telephones had rotary dials.


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