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Column Stupid White Men: Classically Racist

Anne Will invited four white men to discuss how racist Germany is. That could only go wrong.

What can not be said about black people, can one say about Muslims? Photo: dpa

How racist is Germany? At the end of the talk show with Anne Will you can say: So racist that four white men and a migration researcher with a migration background were allowed to discuss this topic. So racist that the white AfD deputy Alexander Gauland can constantly speak of “colored people” without contradiction. So racist that the conservative white political scientist Werner "Pegida are concerned citizens" Patzelt still attests that he is not a racist.

So racist that even the white Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) only speaks of “people with fears” when it comes to people who want to forbid Muslims to cross the border into Germany. So racist that the white one FAZ-Journalist Eckart Lohse Gauland begged for recognition that the asylum laws in Germany were tightened and a questionable deal was negotiated with Turkey that reduced the number of refugees. Maybe that's a gain in knowledge.

What kind of discourse is it, whose left-most participants are a FAZ journalist and a Justice Minister? What kind of a round of racism is it almost to the exclusion of people who are also affected by racism? What kind of a round is it in which the only smart thoughts come from a double quota participant, from Bilgin Ayata, a woman with a migrant background? What kind of program planning is it that assigns such a high level of responsibility to one person?

Stupidity and racism have nothing to do with each other, but Alexander Gauland once again provided evidence that stupidity and racism can occur together. He didn't even know that Boateng was a “colored man”, says Gauland. He thought he was a Muslim and that's why he said that. What can not be said about black people, can one say about Muslims? What a logic. According to Gauland, the name of the German soccer team in 1954 shows that you are classically German. One could have asked whether this being German had something to do with the fact that just a few years earlier other ways of being German were systematically persecuted and destroyed. But nobody did that.

Gauland as real satire

And yet one could always laugh heartily. Gauland claims he thought Boateng was a stranger. "In the German national team?" Replied Maas. Did Gauland call Angela Merkel a chancellor-dictator? “The good sentence never occurred to me, I would have liked to have said it, but Björn Höcke said it,” he says. “I think that's a good sentence with the chancellor-dictator. But I didn't need it, I'm sorry. Journalism should be accurate. ”The video evidence comes seconds later. "Björn Höcke said that, I thought it was good, and then I repeated it," shouts Gauland after the one-player. Pure real satire.

The video also dealt with another sentence: “Today we are tolerant, tomorrow strangers in our own country.” Gauland quotes the NPD slogan shortly before speaking of the “Chancellor-dictator”. He repeatedly claims that Angela Merkel intends to "supplement and replace" the German people. A new right concept that assumes that groups of people cannot and should not mix, but that immigration can only mean decline.

But those in the discussion do not manage to expose it properly. The NPD slogan is right-wing extremist because it is used by right-wing extremists, Heiko Maas tautologizes. Immigration replaces the children, the Germans "are no longer willing to beget", Werner Patzelt translates the absurdity into a greater absurdity.

False racism synonyms

What could a group have looked like that seriously wanted to discuss racism? Wacker fights Bilgin Ayata for a smarter discussion, interjects that the concept of racism in Germany does not meet international standards, that it is regularly replaced by false synonyms such as “xenophobia” or “xenophobia”, and that immigration was not just a phenomenon of the past year had been that the AfD is now making the unspeakable speakable.

At the end of the discussion, she almost drives Gauland into a corner. The AfDler does not want to be responsible for the anti-refugee mood. “But are you against the attacks?” Asks Ayata. “Of course I'm against it,” Gauland says indignantly. “But do you say that too?” She asks. "Stretch yourself ... hit it ..." She gets confused, Anne Will changes the subject, Gauland doesn't answer. If the round had looked more like the current DFB team, the question might have been asked earlier.