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The state of California can prevent Donald Trump's planned wall with a legal trick

Sandy Huffaker / Getty ImagesDonald Trump would like to strengthen the US-American-Mexican border with the help of a meter-high wall, because in his opinion it has become a gateway for numerous criminals. The billionaire Republican had emphasized this again and again in the US election campaign - although the project was also highly controversial within the party from the start. Amid the protests of numerous activists, Trump rowed back a little after his election victory and said that in some places a kind of “fence” could be sufficient.

In any case, Mexicans are not all bad, most of them are even "good people". But it looks like the future president can also throw away his weakened plans for border protection entirely. The California vice-governor, Gavin Newsom, said in an interview for the "Golden State podcast" that the state had the appropriate legal means to prevent the construction of the wall.

Controversial nature conservation law

Newsrom refers to "something that is called CEQA in California," which can be described as an extension of federal law (NEPA). The abbreviation stands for "California Environmental Quality Act". This is an environmental protection law from 1970 that, among other things, is intended to prevent the pollution and exploitation of nature. This is accompanied by numerous restrictions on the construction of apartments or commercial space.

California's longtime Governor Jerry Brown last felt this in 2016. The democrat and doctor of law had to discontinue his state building program, among other things, because environmental activists and trade unions successfully invoked the CEQA. The law has long been the subject of criticism, as it can be used to "delay and kill" practically all projects, as the respected newspaper "Los Angeles Times" writes.

Donald Trump could do the same, and Vice-Governor makes it clear that his administration does not hesitate to use this legal trick: "There are numerous restrictions on access to the country at all," said Newsom. "All of these things can make it very, very difficult for the future government."

As the "Los Angeles Times" writes, the state of California could pursue an environmental lawsuit against the building of a wall - not least because Indians live in the border region, whose areas enjoy special protection.