What is meant by index

Index patient

The noun der Index patient describes the person who comes first in a route of infection. Synonymous with Index patient one uses the expression “patient zero” or “reference patient”.

The spread of a disease takes place at Index patients hence their origin. Finding him is therefore of the greatest interest in order to be able to uncover chains of infection and initiate appropriate measures to prevent the spread.

The word Index patient exists not only in epidemiology, but is also used in systemic psychotherapy. Here is the one Index patient the first in his group to indicate harmful interactions. Furthermore is with Index patient This also includes those who are the first to feel “sick” in an unhealthy network of relationships.

The word is a compound noun and can be derived from the Latin words index (Display, notice) and patiens (suffering) derive.

Usage examples

The biggest challenge will be that Index patients track down.

The Index patient provides information about the path the virus initially took.

The first sick person is also called Index patient.

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