How can I apply for h1b

Alternative to H1B for work in IT?

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If the company really wants you, they can sponsor you a green card right away, provided you actually want to stay longer, otherwise it doesn't make any sense. The costs for the lawyer are the same, a laboratory certification must be applied for and approved in advance.
Depending on what degree you have for a university degree, the company will apply for you in a certain category. Duration with everything together, 4-6 months Labor Cert, 5-7 months visa. So you have to reckon with a year until this is over.

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Didn't know that the green card can be applied for directly.
From experience I can say that most of the people I know here took 1.5-2 years to get their green card. Especially since the current government changed the interpretation of the law and now everyone needs an interview to get the employment based green card.

The main route is actually H1B. Then there are a lot of big companies who have studied in the USA and then have 3 chances to get the H1B and at the same time if you either have a master’s degree or have 6 months of real (not internship) work experience, the green card application started.

At Microsoft, people who make it in but don't get a visa are usually sent to Vancouver. Then after 18 months you can go to the USA on an L1. I'm not sure if all of the big companies do it that way.

Don't really know the details of J1 so I can't comment on that.