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Hillary Clinton: The Democrat Fortune


How rich is Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Clinton failed to win the 2016 presidential campaign against Donald Trump. It wasn't just the liberal voters in the United States that were deeply affected. Much of the world has also expressed its dismay. This probably had less to do with Hillary and more to do with the evil of the new US president. It would also have been the opportunity to make Hillary the first female head of state in the most powerful country on earth. However, it was, among other things, an email affair that got in her way during the 2016 election campaign. Many voters were also too sure that Hillary would win. The cherished Hillary Clinton's net worth is 40 million euros.

Since her loss in 2016, Hillary has initially withdrawn from the public eye. This was an atypical step for a woman who otherwise earned millions a year as a speaker. In April 2017, Hillary also announced that she would never run for public office again. Just a month later, she founded an organization that wanted to stand up for the resistance against the incumbent US president. The Organization "Onward Together" wanted to stand up for other political candidates and to make their contribution to US politics in this way.

The loss to Donald Trump

In the meantime, Hillary Clinton herself reported on what happened in the 2016 US election campaign. These memories appeared as Book entitled "What Happened". The ex-presidential candidate made it clear that, although she no longer wanted to run for office, she would continue to get involved politically. With paid speeches, she generates a high annual income that further increases the wealth of the Clinton family. Her husband, Bill Clinton, also earns high salaries doing speeches paid for by big companies.

It remains to be seen whether Hillary will not enter the race for an important political role again. Your political views are likely to remain fundamentally the same. In the 2016 election campaign, for example, Clinton voted for higher minimum wages and wanted to push through tax increases for high earners. Paid parental leave, which the state was supposed to pay for, was also important to the American.

From first lady to independent politician

From 1993 to 2001, Hillary Rodham Clinton was the one First Lady of the USA. During this time she was elected to the US Senate. She held the office of senator for the state of New York from 2001 to 2009 and thus seamlessly followed on from her husband Bill's political career. Hillary spent the next four years serving as Secretary of State for United States President Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton would have liked to run for the presidency as early as 2008.

But the later US President Obama defeated them in the Democratic primary. In November 2016, Hillary Clinton became the first woman to run for the presidential election of the two major parties. Even if she was able to win the most votes nationwide and thus the Popular Vote won, the election mode in the USA ensured that Donald Trump became president. This reignited the debate about whether the electoral college should not be abolished.

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