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Alzo Slade, Eric Weinrib, Lyle Kendrick, Kelly Kendrick, Jared Perez, Daniel Plyam // Russia's War on Hip-Hop - Vice Investigates (11/2019)

"Artists are not the root cause of the problems, artists just reflect the problems". That was the quote at the beginning of the documentary, which hits the core of most politically charged music, and also the core of hip-hop, since it was invented in In the 1970s it became a cultural and artistic movement and a mirror of society at block parties, while in the 1980s hip-hop became the perfect way to vocalize and express the suffering of the Black / Brown communities caused by centuries of social injustice.
Today hip-hop and rap have become a means of expression for young people around the world, mirroring social and political injustices in their own countries, taking into account the influences of the musical heritage of their own culture.
I found this piece about the war on hip-hop in Russia enlightening and a deep dive into a country and its youth who seem to show no sign of giving up, despite the pressure against their messages of discontent, the politicians, local officials, and others / or exercise vigilante groups who somehow sense the danger emanating from youth culture and fear cracks in belief in a system that has long since failed. It all happens in the misty world between old Soviet propaganda that politicians and officials cling to and the newfound freedoms of expression that hip-hop and rap seem to imbue listeners with. I found that despite and against the very heavy background of what the artists are going through, and despite the serious tone of the officials and vigilantes with whom he was able to speak, the research and interviews that Alzo Slade conducts maintain lightness that they are but be able to show the reflections that the younger generations have about themselves and their role in this particular moment of the structure. The feeling arises that Russian youth have unwittingly waited for the Internet to come and ignite this love and artistic expression that hip-hop offers, but have made it their own in the process.

For the jury: Melissa Perales

Watch the detailed "Thank You" video by Alzo Slade (also on behalf of Eric Weinrib, Lyle Kendrick, Kelly Kendrick, Jared Perez, Daniel Plyam)