Is entrepreneurship a choice or an opportunity

Migrant Entrepreneurship: A Labor Market Integration Opportunity for Refugees?


In February 2016 alone, 33,493 refugees from the Syrian Arab Republic submitted an initial application for an asylum procedure in Germany. Experts are certain that the strong migration flows are not a temporary phenomenon, but - albeit in a weakened form - will become part of everyday life in Germany. The so-called "refugee crisis" is not only associated with challenges, it also opens up new perspectives for the economy and the German labor market. The labor market integration of (refugee) migrants should therefore be treated with high priority. In addition to traditional ways in which refugees find their way into the world of work, the area of ​​"migrant entrepreneurship" promises a complementary form of labor market integration. Established groups of migrants who have been entrepreneurs in Germany for a long time provide examples of how migrant companies are established and what contribution they make to new employment prospects and social participation. New arrangements by established actors in labor market integration, voluntary welfare, migrant companies and informal support structures play an important role as co-producers as part of social capital.

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Research Report