How do I start a cow farm

Farming Simulator 19: 7 tips for rich harvests and high yields


Getting rich harvests and high yields in Farming Simulator 19 can be a tough job for you. But with these practical beginner tips for prospective farmers, we offer you a helpful guide with which you can master the challenges of the simulation. With a few simple tricks, your farm will soon be in full bloom.

  1. Lease machines and vehicles instead of buying them
  2. Plant protection made easy
  3. Fertilizing is the alpha and omega
  4. Overview of storage options
  5. Do not use the syringe, the farmer himself is
  6. Real estate education for farmers
  7. Do not be targeted, double cream
  8. More about Farming Simulator 19

The everyday life of a farmer can also bring some pitfalls and challenges in Farming Simulator 19. If you want to get into the simulation or are still looking for tips for your first hours of play, you've come to the right place.

Because this is our beginner's guide for Farming Simulator 19 with various tips, tricks and hints for a successful virtual farmer's experience. You should know these things by all means before you do your first laps with the tractor. The source of our information is the American games website SegmentNext.

The first tip awaits you on the next page and ensures that you save a lot of money, especially at the beginning.

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