Can light be compressed in a sensor

Digital photography is an imaging process. A sensor is used, as is the case with images that satellites, for example, give us. Both methods can be applied scientifically. What are the differences, what are the similarities? There is an introduction to this with many examples.
In the past, many schools had photo labs where students could develop black and white films and make prints. In the meantime, the laboratory work and the practical examination of the chemical and physical basics are largely eliminated. Photo cell phones are ubiquitous. Digital images can be changed, compressed and sent electronically at the push of a button. But what exactly happens between pressing the shutter button and the finished image? The processes are no less complicated than those in the analog darkroom. It is also technically no less complex. It's just become faster and more convenient to take photos and share the results with other people. By the way: How has the ecological balance changed? There is hardly any more darkroom chemistry required for film development. But what about the now much larger number of printouts and the fast pace of technology?
With the experiment, the pupils are made aware of the technical processes, from recording to image processing on the computer. Background knowledge is woven into various excursions.
Experiment description
Together with the students, criteria for image quality are collected and an experimental set-up is designed and set up. Then the so-called Siemens star and other test images are photographed. Various simple professional cameras with up to 60 mega-pixels are used. The further processing of the pictures takes place in small groups. The results are evaluated directly afterwards using a projector. If there is time, the pictures can be repeated with different lighting conditions (flash).

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