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Tacos inspired by Mexico - recipe with minced meat

X'catik January 25, 2017Reply

Hello, making your own tortillas is indeed quite time-consuming, and for the completely original version you would need nixtamalized corn flour, which is not available here. Still, you don't have to resort to the tough American taco shells (although they are of course delicious in their own way ...). In most of the larger supermarkets, for example, there are tortillas from Poco Loco, also as a corn version - they are not entirely original, but they taste quite good. In some EDEKAs you can even find real La Costeña (wheat) tortillas with a diameter of 15cm, the usual large formats are more U.S.A. Versions. But you can also have Turkish durum tortillas, which is almost the same. I have achieved the best results with the NANNAK brand. Important: fry in a hot pan without fat, turn several times and press down again and again. Tortillas should brown and “rise” on both sides without becoming too dark and hard, this requires a sure instinct. Creme fraiche is a suitable substitute for crema mexicana; The crema dulce, which is particularly common in the south, does not exist here, but fresh sour cream comes very close to it; The above sour cream, on the other hand, seems to me something in between. If you want to put cheese on it and find Cheddar & Co too expensive, you can also use Chester processed cheese slices. This is no longer authentic, but you shouldn't normally taste the difference. Spice mixtures are also available ready-made, e.g. from TOOPAS, but can be difficult to obtain. When it comes to chilies, jalapeños with their typical taste are of course much more suitable than Italian peperoncini or Thai chillies. Those who are quite resistant to heat take the rounded, mostly red Habaneros (!), Which are surprisingly readily available in this country, but are hardly ever labeled accordingly.
That only occurred to me as a supplement, the above recipe is very good. One important original ingredient is missing, however: sprinkle with fresh coriander leaves! :-)