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There is more to HBO Max than HBO's already excellent selection of premium library shows. A few gems of original content and co-productions with other networks bring new stories - from the glorious I Hate Suzie to the brilliant quirk of Search Party. Here's the best of everything.

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This compulsive thriller starring Kaley Cuoco is one of HBO Max's best new shows. Cuoco plays Cassie, a hostess to the ruthless air who sleeps with a passenger on a wild night, waking up in Bangkok with barely a memory - and a corpse in bed with her. With the spirit of the deceased helping her piece together, she sobs and takes on the mystery of what happened. Beware of a fantastic title streak as well as a surprisingly dark psychological layer, Re. But especially enjoy the funny ination comb of an incompetent truth that wanders through the world of the cold killers. See HBOMax love life

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Love Life is an anthology series that focuses on the love life of another character he meets the person he is meant to be with. The first chapter follows Anna Kendricks Darby, an aspiring art collector who dates various men with complicated results. Love Life paints a refreshingly imperfect picture that traverses a long, chaotic path that ultimately offers a hopeful look at relationships. See HBOMax It's a Sick HBO Max's Best TV Show of 2021 may already be here. It is a sin to follow a group of young gay men who ducked living in London in the 1980s when HIV / AIDS was first diagnosed. This unique look at the early stages of a death sentence is shared with creator Russell T. Davies e. The warm, empathetic characters continue to live their lives to the full, floating between bustling sharehouses and local bars to the beat of a lively 80s soundtrack. Quick, elegant, and insightful, with a prevailing sense of hope, it is his sinful triumph that anyone can fall in love with. See in HBOMax Research Group HBO Max The research team caught the attention of HBO Max and switched to the streamer in its third and fourth seasons. The latter is arguably his best yet, and takes the story of four unsuspecting millennials to an even bigger level, including an eerily brilliant cameo by S.Usan Sarandon. But we start when Dory turns an amateur detective in her twenties to find a missing woman she barely knew in college. Really, she's looking for something else: herself. Her boyfriend Drew, the stage thief Elliott and the funny blonde Portia are just as conceited. This eerie spectacle somehow creates the perfect cocktail of dark humor, mystery and crazy characters. A collector's item that doesn't come back often. See in HBOMax Ghosts HBO Max From the minds of the gang behind Horrible Histories comes Ghosts, a sitcom that has had success getting better and better with every episode. Always reliable, Charlotte Ritchie (Wohlfuhlen, Call The Midwife) plays Alison, a woman who, with the help of her amateur builder, furnishes the old mansion she inherited. Besides money problems, there are none in their renovation projects, supported by ghostly residents who want the house for themselves. If you're looking for a purely light-hearted vision, Ghost s has a high gag rate, talented comedic set, and even an adorable friendship bow. Most of all, it's happily stupid.

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Home HBO Max This dramatic comedy about a Syrian asylum seeker is based heavily on the warmer and more comfortable side of the equation. It follows the life of a British family on their return from vacation in France and the discovery of a passenger hidden in the back of their car. Sami has an endless charm. The fish out of the water slips away as it gets used to its new home. Well-being mines full of nice people ready to help a good man, even if it is a struggle for some family members.

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StathLets Flats HBO Max Stath Lets Flats is one of the best new UK TV shows that takes on the quintessentially absurd British humor. Stath is a socially inept Greek Cypriot agent whose father gives him a job for his company. Despite his inability, Stath sticks to his new calling and shows potential customers homes with a power outage or security alarm because he no longer remembers the code. His attempts to impress his father have the same appeal as The Office, which also has some poignant moments that make sure you put your roots in the characters. Stick with the even better second season, which won three BAFTAs. See HBOMax HBO Max This black comedy takes us from London to Newcastle, Australia following the misfortune of a woman who loses everything after the untimely death of her husband (don't ask how he died). Broken and distressed, Sammy has to return to her hometown with her son and daughter, where she soon realizes she's not exactly a popular resident. The squeak factor is strong as Sammy does everything in her power to return to London with notable moments when she finds her quarreling brother. See HBOMax HBO Max Based on one thesis, Pure is not your favorite young comedy age woman who recently moved to London. Marnie struggles with a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder called Pure O, which causes her to have intrusive sexual thoughts, often at worst. (Your own mother is on one of those thoughts - it's no wonder Marnie is leaving the house.) Pure does best when she approaches obsessive-compulsive disorder stereotypes with compassion: Marnie goes through the same stresses as the other twenty years - a new one Job, their sexuality and their friendship. An insightful, relatable, and essential comedy. See on HBOMax HBO Max I hate that Suzie Billie Piper is working with the diary writer Lucy Prebble again Call Girl. The result is a frenzied tour de force of ideas guided by a vulnerable performance by Piper. She plays the title-Suzie, an actress who for a few moments, after winning a role in a Disney movie, realizes that she is one of the victims of a celebrity phone hacking scandal. Each episode examines a phase of trauma and addresses the question of how compromising leaks disrupt and potentially liberate a person's life. Amid the ruthless satire, there is a wonderful friendship between Suzie and her manager Naomi (Leila Farzad). See at HBOMax HBO Max

In its fifth and final season, this story-driven Italian crime drama has come true carved a place among the big shows of the Mafia. It is characterized by a realistic depiction of the Naples underworld after the internal struggle of a Gomorrah clan for power after the arrest of his head. ng and a full chunk of television.

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