Are red cars faster than other cars

Everyday questionDoes the sun really heat up black cars more?

Small surprise: Scientists agree that the paint color plays a smaller role in the storage of solar energy than many suspect - most of the sun's rays are absorbed through the window surfaces.

The more sloping and large the windows are, the more a car heats up. Because of their shape, modern cars get hotter inside than old models with steeper windows. Lovers of classic cars without air conditioning are not quite as pitiful in this heat as you might think spontaneously.

The best protection against warming via the windows: After parking, cover the window surfaces - this is possible on the inside of the rear and front window with sun protection films that have an aluminum coating. These useful accessories are available on the Internet for a few euros.

Nevertheless, a car with a black paintwork and dark interior heats up a little (by a few degrees Celsius at the most) than a light-colored car with a light-colored interior. Silver-colored cars are even better because the outer skin reflects the sun's rays.

Choosing the right parking space is also crucial! If you park your car in the shade of large trees, you can park up to 15 degrees cooler. If there is no natural shade, then park with the rear facing the sun, because the rear window is usually more upright and smaller than the front window - so the inside remains tolerable.

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tip: Things that should stay cool belong in the trunk or in the footwell of the rear bench seat. It is best to cover it well so that the sun's rays cannot reach and remain a bit isolated.

Still monkey heat in the box? Do not drive off straight away, but first open all the doors and ventilate them. This is also about safety: if the temperature in the car rises from 22 to 37 degrees, the risk of an accident increases by 30 percent.