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Elders of the Universe - Elders of the Universe

Fictional cartoon super villains

The Elders of the universe are a group of supervillains who appear in American comics published by Marvel Comics. The collector was the first elder to live in Avengers # 28 (May 1966) showed up, but the idea that he was a member of a group known as the Elders didn't really emerge until in Avengers # 174 (August 1978) introduced.

Fictional story

The elders of the universe are the last survivors of otherwise extinct races. Everyone discovered that they might have an infinite lifespan, depending on the maintenance of the will to move on. They are therefore known for their personal obsessions (such as collecting, strategy or strength competitions, and various fields of study), each of which is fanatically pursued. While the characters are not truly cosmic entities, all of them have attained a certain cosmic level of power and knowledge related to their respective pursuit. The first encounter with the heroes of the earth takes place when the collector came to earth to expand his collection. The Grand Master later created the super villain team Squadron Sinister as pawns to battle the champions of the time-traveling Kang the Conqueror, superhero team The Avengers.

Though foiled, the Grand Master and his fellow elders take an interest in the Earth, and the Collector has two separate encounters with the Avengers, the second ending with his assassination by the Korvac entity. The grandmaster also gets the entity death to play a competition that in turn involves many heroes of the earth, which he deliberately loses in order to revive the collector. The Grand Master usurps control of the realm of death and is outsmarted by the Avengers after a battle between the Avengers and the Champions of the Grand Master - the Legion of the Dead. An angry death then prevents the elders from ever entering their realm, which effectively makes them immortal and is the Grand Master's true target.

Known as the champion of the universe, the oldest has a brief encounter with many of the strongest heroes on earth and challenged them to a boxing match. While preparing in his personal gym, the champion of the universe had to disqualify Namor when he refused to bend over to train, and Doc Samson, whom the champion declared to be an unworthy opponent. The day of the boxing match came when the champion of the universe competed against his opponents. After disqualifying Thor, Hulk and Wonder Man for various reasons and defeating Colossus and Sasquatch in close combat, he meets Benjamin Grimm of the Fantastic Four. When the champion finally realizes that the surpassed Grimm would not submit under any circumstances, he admits the match and offers Grimm his respect.

A group of eleven elders later band together and meet at Ego the Living Planet (who is also considered the elder) to kill the cosmic entity Galactus, which would cause the concepts of eternity and death to become unbalanced and end the universe. The elders believe that since they are now immortal, they would be the only beings who would survive and be the highest beings in the new universe. However, the plan is thwarted by Galactus' Heralds the Silver Surfer and Nova. Galactus catches and consumes five of the elders (champion, collector, gardener, grandmaster and runner), but three other elders (astronomer, owner and trader) are sucked into a black hole and through it enter a mystical universe. Two elders avoid Galactus' wrath and hunger, The Contemplater and The Obliterator. Both apparently meet as the last known surviving elders and take revenge on the universe.

Despite this setback, the eight elders continue their plot against Galactus. While the five elders in Galactus inflict a fatal case of "cosmic indigestion" on him, the three elders conspire in the mystical realm with the cosmic unit, the middleman, to restore him so that he can bring them back to their domestic reality and his promise to Galactus kill. With the Silver Surfer, Mister Fantastic, and the Invisible Woman (whom Galactus sent in search of the Infinity Gems), the In-Betweener is restored and brings the Elders back into their own reality. There the middleman tries to kill Galactus, but discovers that he cannot. When he announces his intention to throw Galactus into the black hole instead, the three elders who wanted to save their brother Elders from Galactus threaten him with the other five Infinity Gems in order to stop him. The middleman conjures up death and forces her to negate it in spite of her vow. As a result, the astronomer, the merchant and the owner and his rune staff are apparently dissolved. The ship that carries Galactus is then thrown into the black hole and enters the mystical realm where the creators of the middlemen, Master Order and Lord Chaos, force the five elders in Galactus to abandon his body and restore the world eater. During the ensuing battle between Galactus and the middleman, the quintet is finally persuaded to help Galactus defeat his enemy. Moments later, the five elders travel very far away from Galactus and his vengeance with their infinity gems.

Another elder, the Contemplator, teams up with space pirate Captain Reptyl against the Silver Surfer, but is betrayed and apparently killed. The contemplator is said to have survived as a disembodied head and continues to try to rule the Kree realm, but is apparently destroyed by the peace-loving alien Cotati.

The five elders previously consumed by Galactus (champion, gatherer, gardener, grandmaster, and runner) are targeted by the Titan Thanos because they own the Infinity Gems. One by one, Thanos humiliates (the gardener is murdered) and conquers the gems. The Elder the Runner has an encounter with the hero Quasar, in which Eon initially describes the Runner as one of "about a thousand elders I know". Quasar later also confronts the obliterator, the owner and previously unknown elders, the discoverer, the judge and the caregiver. It is also revealed that the contemplator killed by Reptyl was actually a Skrull and not the true contemplator.

The Grand Master reappears and creates a new version of the Squadron Sinister. Courtesy of a phenomenon known as the Wellspring of Power - an interdimensional source of superhuman abilities - the Grand Master increases the powers of the Squadron Sinister and they fight the superhero team New Thunderbolts. The Grand Master is defeated by Baron Helmut Zemo, and the Sinister squadron disperses and escapes. Champion has an encounter with the heroine She-Hulk and helps her enemy Titania by giving her the Power Gem that is currently in his possession.

The astronomer, champion, grandmaster, judge and runner traveled to the planet Godthab Omega and witnessed the arrival of the wave of annihilation.

After Battleworld was destroyed at the end of "Secret Wars", the elders investigate the remains of the planet and find that they are full of primordial power in the form of an "iso-sphere". Their inability to reach a mutually beneficial agreement over ownership of the Iso-Sphere causes the Elders to hold a championship contest that ultimately eliminates all but the Grand Master and the Collector.

During the "No Surrender" arc, it was revealed that an elder of the universe was originally named Grand Master before he was defeated by En Dwi-Gast and banished from the reality of Earth in 616. Due to the rebuilding of the Multiverse, this Elder of the Universe returned, where he took the name Challenger and assembled his version of the Black Order to take on Grand Masters and his deadly Legion.

In the story of "Empyre" an elder of the universe named Profiteer was introduced.

Powers and abilities

Every elder in the universe owns a fraction of what is called Power Primordial is called , Remnants of the primal energies of the Big Bang, which still permeate the universe. The Power Primordial can be used to create a wide range of effects including enhancement of physical properties (strength, durability, speed), molecular restructuring, creation of force fields, teleportation, and numerous other skills. Some elders have incorporated this power into their unique obsessions and developed their potential within themselves (e.g., champion, runner), while others, to varying degrees, have mixed this power with tools or resources that will teach them their obsessions (e.g., contemplator , Grand Master, Obliterator) or even largely ignored it as irrelevant or harmful to their persecution (i.e. gardeners, gatherers).

Over a lifetime, measured in billions of years, each elder has developed skills related to his or her area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest. In their respective fields of activity (i.e. Grand Master in Strategy, Caregiver in Medicine) they have an essentially unmatched superhuman level of talent and expertise.


  • architect - A builder and designer of constructs.
  • Astronomer / Seginn Gallio - A chronicler of stars, galaxies and other celestial objects and events.
  • Caregiver / Rubanna Lagenris Quormo - A midwife and healer of cosmically significant beings as well as the adjutant of the origin.
  • Carina Korvac / Carina Tivan - Daughter of the collector, who is considered the oldest of the universe due to his bloodline.
  • challenger - A cosmic player and the original grandmaster before losing the title to En Dwi Gast.
  • Champion of the Universe / Tryco Slatterus - A master of unarmed combat who seeks new ways to defeat the greatest fighters of different worlds and species.
  • Collector / Taneleer Tivan - He collects artifacts and life forms (originally to protect them, now apparently to collect himself).
  • Contemplator / Tath Ki - A philosopher who tries to understand and explore the spiritual and mental aspects of reality.
  • Ego the Living Planet - Joined the group during their battle against Galactus. He qualifies as an elder because he is the "last survivor" of his species in the sense that he is the only member.
  • Explorer / Zamanathan Rambunazeth - A traveler looking for new, dark, and / or hard-to-reach places and events across the universe.
  • Father time - A time manipulator. Its defining purpose is not expressly stated.
  • Gara - A Viscardi who faced the heavenly deity after one of the numerous attempts of her species to leave her planet failed. Gara has been called the Elder of the Universe by himself and others. It is not known if she is part of the group that calls itself that, but as the sole survivor of an early species, she would qualify as such. Their apparent age is over 12 billion years.
  • Gardener / Ord Zyonz - He travels the universe and sows Worlds with plants and biomasses and shapes them in such a way that they correspond to his aesthetic ideals.
  • Grandmaster / En Dwi guest - A cosmic player who wants to master, surpass and invent increasingly demanding strategy competitions.
  • judge - A lawmaker looking for new, unique disputes and crimes to rule on, including among her fellow elders.
  • Obliterator / Maht Pacle - A hunter who is obsessed with the life of living things as Sport form to persecute and murder. He became an elder after systematically killing every other member of his species.
  • Owner / Kamo Tharnn - A librarian and scholar who is responsible for the acquisition, possession, cataloging and dissemination of all kinds of knowledge aspires to .
  • Profiteer - A long hidden elder of the universe and the sister of En Dwi Gast, whose only goal is the acquisition of wealth.
  • Promoter / Xirena Awhina - She is obsessed with organizing and promoting new, unique, and / or cosmically epic entertainment events.
  • Runner / Gilpetperdon - A traveler and explorer focused on the freedom to see and experience the entire universe in person.
  • Trader / Cort Zo Tinnus - A negotiator obsessed with trade, commerce, profit, and persuasion.
  • Voyager / Va Nee Gast / "Valerie Vector" - Daughter of the Grand Master, who is considered the oldest of the universe due to his bloodline.

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Members of the Elders of the Universe appear in the animated series Guardians of the Galaxy .


Several Elders of the Universe have appeared throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, although the group itself is not named or otherwise designated as existent.


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