How Why Do People Become Gynecologists

"Why does a man become a gynecologist?" And other sensitive questions for gynecologists

Fortunately, our author is not embarrassed. That's why she attacked a couple of gynecologists with long overdue questions. You replied - albeit anonymously.

How does a man come up with this career choice?

There are as many answers as there are gynecologists. Most people are fascinated by how interesting and versatile gynecology is. A gynecologist is an internist, surgeon, endocrinologist and oncologist rolled into one. In general, such a gynecologist is the superman of the medical profession. In no other job do situations change as quickly, as often and as complicatedly as in obstetrics. When obstetricians make mistakes, two lives depend on it. At least.

Are there men who turn their hobby into a profession?

They really do exist, the medical students who succumb to the mistake that as a gynecologist their everyday life is constant 3-D porn in which they are actors and viewers rolled into one. That can go well for a couple of years. But at some point they got tired of seeing each other. Note: if you can't get enough at first, you soon have too much.

Can a gynecologist see how much sex his patient has had?

No he can't. Nor can he see what for what. (Yeah, that's good news, isn't it?) The rare exception is postmenopausal women. During the menopause, the production of the hormone estrogen decreases. And that can cause the vagina to shrink. Sometimes so severe that even a vaginal examination is no longer possible. On the other hand, only estrogen in place helps - or mechanical stretching. Say: sex. So: Beyond the menopause, the width of the vagina can, in exceptional cases, provide information about whether the patient has had sex - or at least a well-functioning vibrator. The likelihood that a gynecologist will be interested in this is, however, negligibly small.

How does a gynecologist manage to resist temptation?

It’s easy. Anyone who has ever gone to the sauna as a woman, to the nudist beach or anywhere else where you have been confronted with an oversupply of chaff, knows: It's not always nice. And seldom if never does it trigger the urgent need for immediate sexual intercourse. It is no different with gynecologists and their view of the matter.

As a gynecologist, do you get immoral requests?

It actually happens. The full program. From fleeting offers to tough stalking. However, this rarely meets the approval of the gynecologists concerned. It is also clear to good doctors that women do not mean them as a person, but rather their role. The patients don't know anything about their doctors. They just know that the man of their desires is the only one who listens to them, understands them, helps them and is always respectful and attentive. That leads to misunderstandings. Not to love.

Do patients ever ask whether they are pretty, like that downstairs?

More and more often - although there is rarely any real cause for concern. Unsettled by partners or porn, many wonder whether their sexual organs are perhaps not good, not beautiful enough or in some other way in need of correction. And because they don't have the same comparison options as men at the urinal, they like to ask someone who knows: their gynecologist.

Are there any gynecologists who dislike women?

Sometimes you get that impression. Indeed, the job attracts a - happily very small - group of men who have problems with women. Dominance problems, to be precise. Nowhere is a woman so at the mercy of a man as in a gynecologist's chair. If you lie on your back like a cockchafer and reveal parts of your anatomy that are not generally intended for it, it can become uncomfortable. And that's exactly what picks him up, the dominator of women. Because he supposedly penetrates into worlds that other men have never seen before. And because the woman depends on him. That gives him something. Generally something that women out there in the real world don't want to give him. Because these doctors lack any empathy, they often discharge their patients traumatized. It's good that the others are in the majority.