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Free Books - Wattpad

Reader, library, publisher and global reading group rolled into one: Free books - Wattpad is much more than just an eBook reader

Free books - Wattpad is not only a handy e-book reader, the app also offers plenty of amateur literature and allows users to upload their own novels, stories and narratives. In addition to free classics from Faust to Romeo and Juliet to the Nibelungenlied, there are also novels by Wolfgang Holbein, Dan Brown and Anna Todd. It's not just about reading. Thanks to sophisticated comment functions, readings can be provided with comments, which often lead to interesting group discussions in the online community. This way, hobby authors also have a chance to attract new audiences.

We effortlessly upload our own stories to the web via an app, which is what users like to do: There is a lot of fan fiction from Star Wars to various mangas and the "Hunger Games".

Online literature center

It's all in the mix - at least with this app. As a hybrid of e-book reader, bookstore and quasi-publisher, bookworms, hobby authors and everyone who is simply interested in books are well served with this app. Reading, discussing or writing yourself is really fun in the community.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app Free Books - Wattpad

A solid e-book reader that offers access to an impressive online library that also contains fan fiction and allows you to upload your own.

German-speaking, free of charge

Cool reader

Cool Reader is a lightweight e-book reader with an impressive range of functions and unobtrusive resource requirements.

The handy Cool Reader supports all common e-book formats: ePub (no DRM), mobi, rtf, txt, doc, tcr and others. The reading mode is flexible and comfortable: the font size, type and line spacing can be regulated. A night mode is also on board, which is easy on the eyes and the battery late at night. The app also reads out texts and allows particularly convenient program control via tap zones: Touching certain areas on the display activates night mode or allows fast scrolling - nine commands can be defined in the options. An automatic bookmark function, text search, file browser and access to various online catalogs with many free books complete the reader.

The app can format txt files automatically, we regulate the brightness directly while reading with a vertical swiping gesture, and the support for various dictionaries leaves little to be desired.

Particularly flexible

Few readers offer as many settings and functions as the Cool Reader - the reading assistant remains clear and beginner-friendly. Discerning bookworms can configure the app in detail: From punctuation to image scaling, font gamma values, CSS functions and various settings for layout and display control, the app flatters with its flexibility.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app Cool Reader

Has what it takes to become your favorite app: The Cool Reader is handy, fast and quickly grows on your heart with practical and well thought-out functions when reading.

German-speaking, free of charge

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is a simple but practical e-book reader with little extras but little flexibility in terms of file formats.

The e-book app Aldiko Book Reader supports ePup and PDF with and without DRM. However, you are not allowed to put other files in front of the tool. When reading, the reader offers a lot of convenience: we can easily adapt the font color, size or line spacing to our needs. The brightness control and night mode promise easy reading fun even at a late hour. With the connection to an impressive online catalog, users have access to literature in five languages, including many license-free free titles.

You can also import and manage your own e-books, bookmarks are set automatically when you exit and we can quickly find certain sections using a text search.

Handy extras

With highlighting and a note function, we are allowed to edit texts on the Aldiko Book Reader, so the app suits everyone who, for example, pans through textbooks in training or works professionally with texts. There is also a widget on board so that you can access the most important functions directly from the home screen.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app Aldiko Book Reader

With this simple reader you can effortlessly sink into e-books, books borrowed from libraries or e-lending are also supported.

German-speaking, free of charge

Moon + Reader

Format-friendly and full of functions: Moon + Reader is a great e-book reader with a modern design and slim look.

Moon + Reader is not squeamish about formats: ePub, PDF, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip and OPDS are known to the app. We are allowed to adapt the presentation of the e-books flexibly, font size, line spacing and various format functions (bold, italic, etc.) are available. The reader does not save on functions: navigation aids, color schemes, search functions and a brightness control via swiping gestures are on board. The developers have accommodated no less than five auto-scroll variants, and a particularly eye-friendly mode should make long reading more comfortable.

With a virtual bookcase you can organize your e-book collection: Here we create separate "shelves" for favorites, downloads, authors and the like. Practical: With Dropbox synchronization, bookmarks can always be kept in sync even when using multiple devices.

Pro version with small improvements

The Pro version of the reader is available in the store at the time of the test for 5.47 euros. It offers text-to-speech, optional password protection, creates links to individual books on the home screen and allows notes and markings. The advertising banner is also switched off when purchasing the full version. Apart from password protection, other readers also offer this in a free version.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app Moon + Reader

Powerful and practical: This e-book reader can also convince in continuous use.

German-speaking, free of charge

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