Is it illegal to feed crows?

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Do not feed in public green spaces

Crows in particular can do without additional feeding

In the past year, municipal employees repeatedly found that birds of all kinds were being fed in the public green spaces. That mustn't happen.

The city of Karlsruhe has put up signs to avoid feeding in green spaces (for example in the Fanny-Hensel facility). The basis for this is the Road and Plant Police Ordinance. The background to this is the negative effects associated with feeding at the feeding places. These can be the breeding grounds for pathogens that can also be transmitted to humans. Laying out leftover food and illegal feeding lead to overpopulations that can adversely affect animal health. Getting used to people can also lead to problems such as a lack of escape behavior, a lack of fear of dogs or unfriendly people.

Damage to the domestic bird world

Furthermore, the city administration would like to point out that birds, especially corvids, do not need to be fed by humans. Corvids in particular, including crows, are competitive and can take care of themselves very well. The local nature conservation association (NABU) also points out that feeding corvids is ecologically nonsensical and can, under certain circumstances, lead to damage to the local bird world.

In order to avoid ecological damage and contamination of the green spaces, the city of Karlsruhe asks that you observe the ban on contamination. Anyone who does not adhere to these regulations of the Road and Plant Police Ordinance must expect a fine. In addition, the city administration points out that there is a strict feeding ban for crows and other birds in all nature reserves and extensive natural monuments. Unfortunately, in the past few years, unauthorized, ecologically disadvantageous feedings have been found, for example in the nature reserve of Alter Flugplatz Karlsruhe. The same applies to nature conservation areas that violations can result in substantial fines. The wording of the regulation can be found at

The city of Karlsruhe is currently developing a biodiversity concept. As part of the city's public relations work, information will also be provided with regard to questions about ecologically sensible feeding.