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In America no one moves a face when the Dave Matthews Band hires old master Neil Young as a support act for a concert. Founded in Virginia in 1991 by singer / guitarist Dave Matthews, the alternative rock quintet has long been known from the American east coast to beyond the southernmost corner of California. With over 30 million albums sold in the US alone, the term "superstars" is absolutely right here.

All the more curious that the band in Europe would not be booked into the evening program of a festival. But Matthews and his colleagues Carter Beauford (dr), Boyd Tinsley (violin), LeRoi Moore (sax, flute) and Stefan Lessard (b) never toured this country so excessively that a hysteria comparable to that of the states could have developed. In the year of the grunge explosion, composer Matthews meets jazz musicians Moore and Beauford, with whom he records his first demos. When the then 16-year-old bass player Lessard and Tinsley's predecessor Griesar join them, the live debut album (!) "Remember Two Things" is created, which the band distributes independently.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of some college radio presenters and live performances on a daily basis, the guys quickly experience the scene's reputation and also enter the indie charts. At this stage, Matthews and Co. come out as fan-friendly and support the "show taping" of their concerts. With increasing popularity, however, to the annoyance of the band, countless bootlegs flood the market, so that the five are forced to start a counterattack with the help of the state authorities. In 1996, unprecedented measures were taken against all record dealers who sell unauthorized live concerts. The band found the main arguments for this campaign in the mostly bad quality in combination with the overpriced prices of the bootlegs, which the fan with a collector's heart might see differently.

Be that as it may, the Matthews star is rising inexorably: in 1994 the major longplay debut was about to begin, the successor to '96 was purposefully parked in the platinum league. The rough scraps of rock from the Grateful Dead and the versatility of Paul Simon serve as inspiration for the band's rather catchy, but not commercially oriented, mix of styles. In 1997 there was an official live recording as a double album, which, to the surprise of all involved, reached number three on the Billboard charts without any marketing effort and went platinum again.

In contrast, the '99 "Live At Luther College" is a concert recording of the solo tour by Matthews and guest guitarist Tim Reynolds. Once again, word of mouth from the fan base catapults the live record into the top ten. With "Listener Supported" you can buy a recording of the whole band including the purchase video and in 2000 you do what you do best: touring. Despite the excessive butt-playing, not a few cheered when it became known that Matthews decided at the end of the year to record another studio work for a change. As you can hear, The Big Santana entered the recording studio because of this. The work is called "Everyday" and will be published in Germany in March 2001.

A year later the guys put their fourth live record into circulation. This time it's a concert on the '98 tour that took place in Chicago. Although appearances with his band are still an integral part of Matthews' musical activity, "Some Devil", the first album under his own name, was released in November 2003. It "was initially an opportunity to put songs on paper that would never really have penetrated to the surface in the band," he explains. Another live recording was released in 2003: 3CDs and a DVD recorded the performance in New York's Central Park, which took place as part of a charity event for New York schools.

But that's not all, because just one year later another live sound document was released with "The Gorge". Optionally on two CDs and one DVD or six CDs (the band plays on three consecutive evenings) the fan gets an insight into the stage skills of the Dave Matthews Band.

DMB did not necessarily make the headlines positively when their bus driver emptied the on-board toilet on a bridge and the falling excretions hit the passengers of an excursion steamer. The result: The band donates $ 100,000 and has to add another 200,000 in fine. In autumn 2004 the musicians went into the studio to record a new album with producer Mark Batson. In May 2005 new material will finally be released with "Stand Up". Dave and his men were able to win actress Julia Roberts for the video for the single "Dreamgirl".

The year 2008 brings radical changes for Dave Matthews and Co.: After numerous internal quarrels and disputes, the band decides to work on the seventh regular album for a fundamentally changed approach. Only with acoustic guitars in your luggage can you collect new ideas and test and refine the riffs together during extensive jam sessions. With Rob Cavallo you also gain a producer icon who plays an important role in the early stages of the recording.

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In addition, longtime (live) keyboardist Butch Taylor is leaving the band. A replacement is found quickly, with Tim Reynolds, an accomplished guitarist who has already supported Matthews in his numerous acoustic and solo performances in the past. The additional guitar has a correspondingly dominant effect on the sound.

In the middle of 2008, you take a little break from the studio and add a few live performances to your schedule. Only one thing is missing: LeRoi Moore, the band's ingenious saxophonist, is suffering from the consequences of a quad accident. While the band is still assuming that they will be able to take LeRoi back into their circle for the subsequent live engagements and studio work, the at the time just 46-year-old succumbs to his serious injuries. A shock, without a doubt, but the band sees the loss as an opportunity to create an acoustic memorial for their long-time friend. "Big Whiskey & The Groo Grux King" is the name of the newest member in the discography and will be released in June 2009. The album impresses with its incomparable interplay - for the first time the magic of the live performances is adequately captured in the studio - and the strongest songwriting of the Band history.

Reinforced by the aforementioned Reynolds and the brass section, consisting of Jeff Coffin (saxophone) and Rashawm Ross (trumpet), the band shifts to their favorite pastime as the year progresses: playing live. The prayers of the fans are actually being answered, as the first German dates in years are scheduled for spring 2010.

Between the extended concert tours, the band still finds time to write new songs. After the exuberant masterpiece from 2009, Matthews and Co. are taking a step back. On "Away From The World" (2012) the sextet sounds more reduced and tries to capture the jamrock spirit of the live shows on the B-side. Since the albums are a perfect cue for concerts for Dave Matthews, the band starts once again around the globe. With visuals and three-hour set lists in the luggage, we are going to Germany again in 2015.

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In 2018, news of Boyd Tinsley's exit triggers a moderate earthquake in fan circles. He faces allegations of abuse that are so serious that the band throws him out. The record "Come Tomorrow" was released one month later. The band then reduces Tinsley's contribution to a minimum and lets session musicians play the string parts.