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21 English slang words to mingle with the locals

If you are studying English and are listening to American or British teenagers talking to one another, for example, you will probably be amazed at how many words you cannot understand. If it comforts you: So it is for adults too, if you use a lot of modern German expressions! 😜

Learning English effectively means that you will be able to communicate with anyone. Slang belongs to a language like a good mood for partying or the beak of a penguin. When you learn English slang words, you can not only expand your vocabulary and understand everyday conversations better, but you can also actively participate. Slang is therefore an important part of language learning and most English slang words have the corresponding German expression.

Whether on social media, in films or in conversations with young people - if you are learning English, you will discover an abundance of English slang words. Words are playfully alienated, meaning shifts or even new words arise, because there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to slang. The youth language is super creative and new slang words are constantly being added, while others are totally out again. It is therefore not always easy to stay up to date, especially since the slang words also differ from country to country and even from region to region. But don't worry, we've put together a list of 21 popular English slang words for you. All of them suitable for everyday use and cool. We explain them to you so that you can use them in the right situations and provide you with the respective German expression at the same time.

Conversation among friends:
Jayden: I'm too turnt for a hookup tonight.
Michael: Mood. Let's just hang fire, bruh.
Jayden: Yeah, that would be dope as I'm really too zonked, no cap.
Michael: There's a lit film on Netflix tonight. We can just chillax and watch that.

You only understand train station? Are you wondering how to translate this dialogue? Just read through the list of swear words below to learn the corresponding German expressions. And you will be able to have a say - no cap!

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1. Hookup

If one of your pals is enthusiastic about saying he had a hookup last night, it means he picked someone up. Hookups are sexual encounters between two people, but they are not in a committed relationship with each other. With the English slang word hookup it's all about sexual fun, with no obligations. With this in mind, you shouldn't expect to find love with a hookup app. However, if you are looking for a fun adventure, you can definitely find it with a "hookup app".

2. Gymnastics

No, no, gymnastics does not mean that someone is swinging on sports equipment or trying to keep their balance on the balance beam. Quite the opposite, because whoever is “turnt” or “turnt up” is usually so drunk or pumped full of drugs that the balance doesn't work anyway ... In addition to being drunk or stunned, the slang word “turnt” can also be used when you're excited or upset. Example: "Let's get turnt this weekend."

3. Fire

For the word cool there are so many different words in youth language like a dime a dozen. One of them is the English slang word "fire". It's the perfect word to describe things or people that you really like. For example, you could say, "That dress is fire!" or "That guy over there is looking fire." If you like, you can add the word "straight" to the sentence: "That band is straight fire." This list of 21 English slang words is of course also “straight fire”! 😉

4th lit.

Interestingly, “lit” has been around as an English slang word for over a century. Anyone who was lit 100 years ago was drunk. But if we fast forward to the present day, lit has taken on a new meaning: these days it is used to describe something cool or exciting. The German expression is therefore very simple Super. For example: "That party was lit!"

5. Mood

The older generation will probably look at you blankly if you answer “mood”, because for them the word simply means Mood, mood. But transformed into an English slang word, it is expressed that you understand someone or something or can understand what has been said. A typical conversation could look like this: "I really don't want to take that exam today." - "Mood."

6. Chill

Some contemporaries simply cannot calm down because they constantly worry unnecessarily or are upset about everything. The slang word "chill" / was created for such people. The German expression is roughly "Calm down!" In the American or British youth language you hear things like "Hey man, chill!" or "take a chill pill". Those who like it more creative can also combine chill and relax - the result is the cool word “chillax”. Chill is also used to express favor: "Do you like my new sneakers?" - "Yeah, they're pretty chill!"

7. Slope

“To hang” actually means hang, but since everything here revolves around English slang words, we can confidently hang up the original meaning ;-) hillside can be used in different ways. "Do you wanna hang out tonight?" is for example an invitation to hang out. “Hang 10” is English slang among surfers and describes a cool maneuver in which you walk on the board and then hang your toes over the edge of the surfboard (you have to do that first!). Then there is “hang fire” (a Rolling Stones song title) which means something like relax means: "Let's hang fire tonight."

8. Bruh / Mate

In the US it is bruh English slang to address a male friend / buddy, or the short form for Brothers. For example: "Bruh, let's go to the cinema on Monday." In the UK and Australia, however, male pals are not bruhs, but "mates": "I'm meeting my mates at the pub tonight." or "Oh mate, I'm sorry to hear that."

If someone says something stupid, a "bruh" may be appropriate, e.g. B. "In which country is Belgium located?" - "Bruh!" In addition, “bruh” is also used among American youths as an answer to all kinds of things. So if you don't know how to answer, you can just say "bruh".

9. Hammered / Pissed

There are tons of colorful descriptions in English for the German term drunkenness, but hammered and pissed are certainly among the most common. While in the USA you are "hammered" after a few tequila shots, in Great Britain you are "pissed". For example, after a pub crawl in London, you would say: "Let's go home, I'm too pissed to drink any more." Meanwhile someone in the US would e.g. B. say: "I've bought some rum and coke. Let's get hammered. "

10. Dope / cracking

Dope On the one hand, it is slang for drugs (“Look, that guy is selling dope”). On the other hand, it is also used among American youth to express that something is cool. For example: "That new album is dope." In the UK, cool things are rarely dope, but rather cracking: "That's a cracking shirt." Get cracking is called again act quickly and forcefully.

11. Lowkey

While the German expression for low-key in the dictionary is as quiet, inconspicuous can be found, it is used in youth language to express emotions of low intensity or when something should not be called the big bell or is secret. For example, when used as an English slang word, you could say: "I lowkey have a crush on Taylor Swift."

12. Crush

As a verb means "crush"crush, chop. "Crush hopes" means To ruin hopes. As an English slang word “crush” is used for people who are enthusiastically adored. So the German expression of “crush” would be swarm. “To have a crush on somebody” means that you are into someone. If you have butterflies in your stomach every time and your heart beats faster every time you see a certain person, then you definitely have a "crush". Example: "I'm crushing on Dave."

13. Bonkers / Barmy

There are many colorful ways to describe someone as crazy in English. In the USA, young people like to use the word “bonkers” for this. "The crowd went bonkers when the band walked out on stage." Even in the UK, there are a lot of slang words for someone who is not quite right in the head. An English slang word for this is, for example, "barmy": "You're bloody barmy if you're really going to quit your job."

14. Sketchy / Dodgy

Among the abundance of English slang words, there is of course also the right word for people or things that seem a bit suspicious or not entirely sure. Dubious or dodgy characters are called “sketchy” in American slang. The British counterpart is "dodgy". But dubious things can also be “sketchy” or “dodgy”. In the US, for example, you might hear the word “sketchy” in the following situations: “I'm not sure I like her new boyfriend. He seems sketchy. " Or: "His story sounds sketchy." Meanwhile across the pond, you could hear someone in Great Britain say: "Those fish’n’chips look dodgy."

15. Sus

Why long and cumbersome when it can be shorter? As is well known, brevity is the key, so the word "suspicious" was translated suspicious, suspicious means, abbreviated to "sus". Ingenious, because it makes it much easier to remember. "What's he up to?" - "I don't know but he's acting rather sus." Not only people but also situations can be fully “sus”.

16. Swol

Do you know someone with admirable muscles that make you wonder? But you don't know a word that does justice to these muscles? Then from now on you can describe this person with the English slang word "swol". The German expression for it would be inflated or plain and simple muscular. Example: "Wow, he really got swol since he started lifting weights!"

17. Zonked / knackered

There are moments in life when we're just exhausted. And of course there is also the appropriate English slang word for this. Anyone who is totally tired or exhausted would say “I'm knackered” in Great Britain, while tired people in the USA are “zonked”. But be careful, because "zonked" is also used in the USA for people who are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.

18. Woke

Woke is actually the past tense of "to wake up"; B. "I woke up at 6:00 am this morning because the cat jumped onto my face." But in the youth language this word takes on a whole new meaning. There are nice people who get involved in the social field. And then there are people who are just too “woke” about it. Someone who believes they know more about a particular social issue than others and is talking quite high-handed is described as a "woke". For example: "Ever since she went to the BLM rally she acts totally woke."

19. Juiced

Granted, it sounds a lot cooler in English than the literal German translation. “Juiced” comes from “juice” = juice. So if you I am juiced say, people would of course just look at you stupidly. But in English it is a cool slang word with which you can express that you are enthusiastic or pumped up and look forward to something joyfully: "I'm juiced!" “To get juiced up”, on the other hand, means to get drunk.

20. No cap

“Cap” has several meanings, including Käppi, upper limit and Clasp. But this word was also hijacked to form a slang word to emphasize that one does not lie. The German expression would be something like no lie. If you want to express authenticity and credibility, you can fall back on the English slang word "no cap". For example: "It really happened, no cap."

21. Flex

You will always run into people who want to impress and show off. For people who show off in a very immodest way, the slang word “flex” was created: “I have a holiday home in Miami at the beach, one in the Bahamas and a mansion in London. But I don't have enough garages to put my Rolls-Royce and my 5 Lamborghinis. " - "Don't be flexing on me like that." By the way, they also say "flex one's muscles" and the German expression for it is flex your muscles.

So, those English slang words are all totally lit, aren't they? Just memorize it and then let it flow naturally into your next conversation with American or British young people. Bet you will make an impression with it?

I hope you enjoyed our list of English slang words and their corresponding German expressions. Have fun learning and using!

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