How does China punish Jaywalker

China's facial recognition system will now punish people by sending text messages


The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen is researching a system that uses surveillance cameras and an artificial intelligence-based facial recognition system. The system sends a text message to Jaywalker informing them of the violations they caused and penalizing them if they break the law. The current system identifies a jaywalker and displays its picture on an LED screen near the intersection.

Wang Jun, director of marketing solutions at Artificial Intelligence Company Interllifusion, said, “Jaywalking has always been a problem in China and can hardly be resolved simply by imposing fines or photographing criminals. But a combination of technology and psychology ... can dramatically reduce jaywalking incidents and prevent recurring crimes. “The power of AI-based facial recognition is becoming more and more popular, and it also shows how technology can even compromise people's privacy. The US government is also taking action. However, the technology has reportedly been inaccurate so far.

The jaywalking system in China is supported by the fact that everyone in Shenzhen City must register their information with the police after 30 days in the city. Intellifusion is improving the system by giving it access to local cellular operators and Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat, Sina and Weibo. This allows you to send tickets straight to Jaywalker's phones instead of displaying them on the giant screen.

The Chinese government claims the system is at least effective. Before implementing facial recognition technology, the city faced 200,000 jaywalking violations in 18 months. According to Intellifusion, they were able to reduce jaywalking by 80% at the seven intersections where the camera was placed for the test. These systems tend to compromise people's privacy. Once in place, no one knows what other purposes they will serve.