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Biography Edit source]

Prehistory Edit source]

Koriand'r was born the second child of Queen Luand'r and King Myand'r of Tamaran, the eighth planet of the Vega solar system. Her older sister Komand'r was born without the ability to fly and was therefore considered unworthy to inherit the throne. Therefore, Komand'r envied her sister, which resulted in a lifelong rivalry. Koriand'r also had a younger brother, Ryand'r, who later joined the Omega Men.

At the age of nine, Koriand'r and Komand'r were sent to the planet Okaara to receive training in various martial arts from the famous war masters. Since Koriand'r was always superior to her sister in battle, Komand'r's hatred grew, which eventually led to her first attempt to murder her sister.[1]

Captivity Edit source]

Upon their return to Tamaran, Komand'r allied himself with the warring citadel and helped them break through the Tamarian lines of defense. As part of the contract her father negotiated, Koriand'r was delivered to the citadel and enslaved by her sister and her Godanian allies. She was forbidden to ever return to Tamaran or her entire homeworld would be destroyed.

While in captivity, Koriand'r was tortured for six years before she and Komand'r were again captured by the Psions, an alien race known for their gruesome genetic experiments. One of these experiments gave the two sisters the ability to absorb solar energy and release it in the form of powerful bursts of energy.[1]

Escape to Earth and the Titans Edit source]

Shortly thereafter, Koriand'r managed to escape. She came to Earth, where she joined the New Titans under the name Starfire. At first she suffered culture shock due to her naivete about earthly customs, but eventually she began a career as a supermodel and pin-up queen Kory Anders, whose photos were emblazoned on calendars in countless male bedrooms. From her own culture she was used to the fact that nudity was something completely normal. For a long time, her teammates considered her slightly stupid due to her inexperience, but she repeatedly proved that, on the contrary, she was extremely alert and intelligent.

Starfire fell in love with her teammate Robin, who initially feared a relationship between them could harm the team. Kory was then seduced by Franklin Crandall, a mercenary killed by a member of the terrorist organization H.I.V.E. had been hired to spy on the Titans, but he actually fell in love with Kory, became engaged to her, and renounced his original assignment. He was then killed by the H.I.V.E. agent who hired him, who in turn was killed by his organization for going it alone.[1]

Koriand'r and Dick [edit | Edit source]

Later, Koriand'r and Dick Grayson aka Robin actually fell in love and began a long relationship. However, for political reasons Koriand'r was forced to marry the Tamaran prince Karras of Callapat, and Robin returned to earth dejected. However, it later emerged that the wedding ceremony was not a proper Tamaran wedding, but rather a political ceremony, and Koriand'r returned to earth. Shortly thereafter, Tamaran was destroyed, and after a period of grief, after the death of her husband, nothing stood in the way of a resumption of the relationship with Dick, who now called himself Nightwing.[1]

Wedding [edit | Edit source]

The two wanted to finally get married, but the wedding ceremony was interrupted by Dark Raven, a former member of the Titans who was now under the influence of her evil father Trigon. Raven killed the pastor and planted some of the evil within Koriand'r. Koriand'r was then temporarily admitted to the Arkham Asylum mental hospital. After her release, she traveled to Brazil, where she underwent an ancient warrior ritual. She lost her memory for a short time, but soon regained it and, now completely healed, returned to the Titans, who, however, soon dissolved again.[1]

Separation of Dick, dissolution of the Titans and trip to New Tamaran Edit source]

After her separation from Dick Grayson and the dissolution of the Titans, she held nothing on earth, and she traveled to the planet New Tamaran, which her people had now settled under the leadership of her sister. Koriand'r married the soldier Ph'yzzon, who had also acquired superpowers through an experiment with Psions. But this marriage did not last long either: shortly afterwards a mysterious alien named Dusk appeared on Tamaran, and a little later a cosmic being known only as the "Sun-Eater" absorbed the planet's sun. In the attempt to destroy the creature, Ph'yzzon was also killed.

Komand'r thought Dusk was a spy and wanted to execute her, but Koriand'r helped her to escape so that she could warn other worlds about the Sun-Eater. When Komand'r tried to destroy Dusk's ship, it overloaded the planet's weapon systems, which then exploded. Only Koriand'r, who had recently left New Tamaran in a spaceship, survived. Meanwhile, Dusk managed to flee to Earth, where the Sun-Eater could finally be destroyed.[1]

Back on earth Edit source]

Shortly thereafter, Koriand'r returned to Earth, fleeing from a machine being that was chasing them. There, however, she fell into the power of the being that gradually captured all beings who had ever been a member of any Titans team. It turned out that the creature was the former Titan Cyborg, whose machine half had meanwhile gained the upper hand over his body.

But the former founding members of the Titans managed, with the help of the JLA, to give Cyborg his humanity back. A new Titans team was then formed, and Koriand'r also joined that team.[1]

Outsiders [edit | Edit source]

Starfire was both mentor and instructor for the current Titans team and began working with the Outsiders as well.

She was stranded with a few other friends, like Animal Man and Adam Strange, on a heavenly planet where they had to deal with Lex Luthor Jr. and Superboy-Prime. After several weeks, Adam was able to repair the ship and they returned to Earth. However, they were attacked by Devilance. Lobo also showed up to destroy Devilance and after some negotiation, he decided to help them.

Current events Edit source]

Together with Red Hood and Arsenal, she formed a new Outsiders team.

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Starfire appears in the Teen Titans series.

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