What are some rental apps

Digitize rental: These 9 apps help property owners

Anyone who has ever rented an apartment knows how long and exhausting it is from the first advertisement to moving in and the first rental transfer. Fortunately, there is a solution for this.

In the meantime, digitization has also arrived in Germany in this area and more and more startups are dealing with it Rental by app.

This should not only save time, but also make the whole process of renting an apartment much easier and clearer.

This article will give you an overview of:

  • How you can manage all of your properties with one app
  • How to rent your property without risk
  • Can rent 100% of your real estate with little effort

"Vermiete.de" - It's all about the overview

Behind “Vermiete.de” there is a website as well as an app that supports the Management and administration to facilitate from one to several properties. The app organizes everything for you:

  • Import of existing bank details for the automated checking of rental receipts
  • Automatic sending of payment reminders and reminders
  • Overview of rental prices for comparable properties, current property valuations and possible rent increases
  • Free creation and management of the first 25 units
  • From the 26th unit € 1.50 per additional unit and month (+ further features)

Manage easily and efficiently

That's what the app allows you to do. However, "Vermiet.de" does not take care of the search for new tenants. You have to take this into your own hands beforehand.

Rent without risk - "Home"

And it is precisely this problem with the search for new tenants that the “Home” app has taken on. Here she doesn't just take over administration of the objects but also the Looking for new tenants. This makes the app particularly suitable for landlords whose properties are further away. Because "Home" first rents the property itself and only then looks for a suitable tenant. This offers the following advantages:

  • Estimate the rental price based on current market data
  • Time savings through simple rental without time-consuming visits
  • In-depth review of potential tenants using a 30-point checklist
  • Punctual rental transfers
  • "Home" is liable in the event of damage
  • App provides an overview of received rents, current rental and purchase prices, etc.
  • 24/7 support service
  • No additional costs

“Home” does not cost the landlord anything, as the startup finances itself through a higher rental price (3 - 9% of the basic rent).

Rent uncomplicated and risk-free

For landlords who are looking for an uncomplicated and low-risk way to rent out their property, “Home” is definitely recommended.

But this concept can definitely also be an alternative for larger companies, as the app is not only aimed at individual landlords but also at property management companies. Because the number of properties that can be rented is unlimited - as long as they meet the requirements.

"Moovin" - stress-free renting

But if this service is not enough and a larger number of properties are to be rented out, then it is worth taking a look at the “moovin” app. Because this is particularly suitable for you if you Rent out many properties faster and more efficiently want.

The use of "moovin" offers the following options:

Creation of professional pictures of the property and issuing of the legally required energy certificate

  • Creation and organization of new advertisements and linking with existing ones
  • "Tenant matching" (comparison of a "desired tenant profile" with profiles of real tenants)
  • Advertisement on 80 other websites
  • Perception of viewing appointments by “moovin” employees
  • Takeover of the rental agreement, handover and doorbell sign
  • Each service can be booked individually
  • Costs when using all offers: approx. 700 €

Rent out many properties easily

That works with “moovin”, because the company takes care of everything from the first photo to the final rental, but it is not cheap.

“CLIMMI” - from investors for investors

The service of "CLIMMI" focuses on the profitability and optimization of the management of several properties. The app is fresh on the market and is still under construction.

The most important features are:

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of units
  • Optimization of rental contracts through price comparison on the market (in the next update)
  • Immediate overview of the rental status, profitability and outstanding payments
  • Create, manage and optimize loan contracts
  • Intelligent document filing system for managing rental and loan contracts, invoices or other documents relating to real estate (from summer 2020)

Manage and optimize efficiently

"CLIMMI" helps you to get the best out of your real estate and the basic version is completely free of charge. With an update in summer 2020, new premium functions will be activated, there is no information about the costs yet.

immocloud - simply take care of digital property management on the side!

With immocloud you can manage your real estate independently, digitally and via immocloud. That means in plain language: No more paperwork and no more Excel spreadsheets!

The focus is on intuitive handling as well as the Concierge servicewho promises you support. The whole thing is reinforced by the personal support via phone, email and live chat

Up to 50 units you can manage with immocloud.

You can use these functions at immocloud:

  • Digital real estate management
  • Digitized tenant communication
  • Holistic financial management
  • Document management made easy
  • Cooperation with caretakers and tax advisors possible
  • Further KPIs and options for evaluating the portfolio
  • and much more.

Do you want up to 5 units the price package Immostarter for € 4.90 per month is suitable for you.

Up to 15 units cost you € 11.90 per month and up to 50 units € 34.90 per month.

You can test the provider for 45 days free of charge.

All-round administration digital, quick and easy!

With immocloud you not only have an absolute overview of all your properties via dashboard, but also digitize all processes and workflows. In this way, you ensure that future work steps, such as the tax return, are uncomplicated for you.

cunio - Rent and operate real estate in one

With cunio you can get support both in renting out a property and in operating it. You can use the service on your PC, tablet or in an app on your smartphone. So if you Save up to 8 working hours per rental process and make the operation of your real estate more efficient want, then cunio is the right provider for it.

Cunio offers these features:

  • Algorithm for selecting the right applicant
  • Set viewing appointments online
  • Feedback and service provider rating by the tenant
  • Online distribution of documents, e.g. application folders
  • Tenant inquiries possible by phone or app

Per Expose if you pay 39.95 €, you can leave it listed in cunio for as long as you like.

Tenant inquiries cost you a basic fee of € 250 net per month plus 10 cents per tenant request.

The basic fee for SMS is € 5 per month in addition to 10 cents per SMS in Germany and 25 cents abroad.

If you are cunio for the business want to use, you have to obtain an individual offer from the provider.

Great overview despite little organizational effort

With cunio you always have an overview of your real estate and can easily communicate with the tenants. So you can be reached quickly in case of problems or spontaneous viewing appointments.

EverReal - Less administration for managing directors

EverReal is your contact if you want to automate activities along the sales and leasing process. This includes the areas of marketing, interest management, online appointment booking, application, contract processing and handover of the property. The provider promises up to 80% less administrative effort.

EverReal can do this in concrete terms:

  • Creation of a digital synopsis including publication on real estate portals
  • Interest management and search profiles and smart tenant matching
  • Applicant management, online viewing appointments and self-assessment
  • Automated creation of rental contracts, electronic rental contract signing and digital handover of the property
  • Overview of the rental status of all properties including a reminder for contracts that expire automatically
  • Real-time overview of your portfolio, as well as opportunities and risks
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Starter package from € 149 per month for 3 users

Less administration and a better overview

If you don't want to spend your time on administrative tasks, EverReal is the right provider. Here, many of the daily tasks that take up your time are done for you and you can get on with more important things. Thanks to various overview tools, you can still keep track of things and optimize your business.

Manage real estate individually and automatically with objego

objego scores especially in the area Service charge settlement. You can create this easily, safely and quickly with the provider. However, since objego is continuously developing, it is worthwhile to take a look at the applications on offer!

This is how objego works:

  • Create an unlimited number of rental properties & keep an overview
  • Easy drafting of rental contracts including individual agreements
  • Import of income and expenses by connecting the rental account
  • Create ancillary cost statement securely step by step
  • Individual cost types can be easily taken into account
  • Clear list of tasks relating to the management of rental properties
  • Digital document management
  • Intelligent financial management through linking to your own account

At the beginning you can do objego Try it free for 1 month.

At objego you can take out both a monthly and an annual subscription. You pay € 6.95 per month for unlimited access to the provider's features.

Every year you get away a little cheaper, namely with a contribution of 71.40 € / year. For comparison: That's € 5.95 per month.

And again: The price remains the same - regardless of whether you want to manage 2 or 20 rental properties!

The notice period for the monthly subscription is 14 days, for the annual subscription 1 month.

Digitized organization for landlords

Mietify is particularly suitable for you if you are looking for a App are looking for that digitizes landlord processes. That means: No more mountains of paper, mass viewings or heaps of phone calls. The app is suitable for both private landlords and professionals, such as property managers and real estate agents.

You can use Mietify for this:

  • Desired tenant based on previously defined selection criteria
  • 100% contactless until the apartment is handed over
  • Automated coordination of appointments including appointment reminders
  • Mietify reporting for a better overview
  • Digital document management including apartment handover protocol and owner confirmation
  • Link with ads from Immobilienscout24 and ebay classifieds
  • Free of charge for applicants
  • Free of charge for landlords with up to 3 objects; € 24.99 per month for up to 30 objects

100% overview thanks to digital landlord processes - for private individuals or property managers

By digitizing all rental processes, Mietify saves you a lot of paperwork and at the same time ensures that you keep track of your properties. The basic version is free of charge and is therefore already suitable for private individuals who want to rent out their properties. All in all, Mietify not only makes your work easier, but also more effective.

Conclusion: from now on digitize rental via app?

Definitely! Because it doesn't matter whether you are an individual landlord for "vermietet.de", "Home", "cunio", "objego" or "Mietify" or as a property manager for "moovin", "CLIMMI", "EverReal" or "Mietify" "decide, they all have one thing in common: you definitely save a lot of time and effort and also reduce the rate of errors in rental or administration.

So why not use the advantages of digitization and make life as a landlord easier with apps? Which areas would you like to digitize in and around the house? Write us in the comments!