Considered small 36C breast

Why an A-cup is sometimes bigger than a D-cup

Bra size is always considered as a whole. A size that is made up of the underbust circumference and the cup volume. It is a mistake that a so-called D-cup is large and an A-cup is small! In this blog article you can find out what your true bra size is and how to measure yourself correctly to find it.

Calculate bra size correctly

To determine the bra size, the underbust circumference and chest circumference are measured. From the The amount of the difference between the two dimensions this then results in the cup size.

Example 1: A woman with 90cm underbust and 102cm chest has an A-cup (difference = 12cm) and is size 90A.

Example 2: A woman with 65cm underbust and 83cm chest has a D-cup (difference = 18cm) and is size 65D.

Each laundry company determines which letter is chosen at which difference.

The relationship between bust volume, width of the breast base, cup depth and letters

As a result of that the difference is the decisive criterion for determining the cup size it can happen that a woman with ample breast volume still wears an A-cup. The breast volume is distributed in her more to the width of the base of the chest instead of forward.

The depth of the cup is actually the same for each cup letterch (70B and 75B are the same depth) - see sketch below. The size of the underbust does not matter. The depth also increases from bra size to bra size (a B cup is deeper than an A cup) - see sketch above. Seen from the side, the chest looks the same size on a 70B and 75B.

Due to the wider underbust, However, more breast tissue is distributed over a larger area. The 75B's cup is bigger / wider and the woman wearing the 75B has bigger breasts than the woman wearing the 70B.

This may all sound a bit confusing, so here is a sketch for you:

75C and 70D pack the same amount of breast

With cross sizes it becomes clear once again that the letter does not matter. The bra sizes marked in the same color are suitable for the same breast volume despite the different letters. Depending on how the width of the underbust band turns out, the respective neighboring size can be viewed as an alternative.

Another example: A woman usually wears a 70D and finds the band on a new model too tight. Instead she now chooses 75C (not 75D!). Your chest hasn't gotten any smaller from the smaller letter C. She simply chooses a looser band with a cup that fits the same volume.

I have written a detailed article on the subject of cross sizes here.

And the next time you buy a bra or want to tell your friend how big your breasts are, you no longer say, "I have an A, B, C, D, E, ... cup", but "Me mostly wear 70G, 80C, 75E, 65B, ... (please choose your bra size here) "!