What is forum marketing



A forum offers users the opportunity to exchange and discuss opinions and experiences online. The users communicate at different times and not in real time, such as in chat.


As a rule, the members of a forum exchange ideas on a specific topic. Sub-topics related to the main topic can also be discussed in individual sub-forums. The so-called help forums, whose members give each other advice on a specific topic, are particularly popular. But also forums, which serve the exchange about hardware and software manufacturers as well as forums on current political topics enjoy great popularity. In addition to free, non-commercial forums, companies also offer support forums for help and discussion of specific problems with products and services.

Various forms of communication are available to implement a forum, such as Usenet, in which members provide a contribution (posting) to read and comment on, as well as the exchange of emails via a forum server (mailing lists) and even web forums. Most web forums are not openly accessible like Usenet, but see themselves as a closed community and require registration.


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