What does watershed mean


Watershed, Boundary line that separates neighboring catchment areas. The watershed does not always run as a summit line over the mountain ranges that frame a catchment area. By changing the direction of drainage, for example as a result of a river tapping or glacial deformation, the watershed can also be designed as a flat valley watershed. As a continental or main watershed, it separates drainage areas that are adjusted to different oceans. Only if the rock structure is homogeneous does all of the water seeping away in the catchment area flow towards the slope following the contour lines. Rock changes, folding or tectonic disturbances within a catchment area often influence the hydrological conditions in such a way that the topographically determined watershed does not coincide with the geological or hydrological watershed in the subsurface. Due to the inflow or outflow of seepage water, the above-ground and underground catchment areas are no longer congruent (typical for karst areas), which must be taken into account in all considerations based on the topographical catchment area (Fig.). [KMM]

Watershed: geological and topographical watershed. Watershed: