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Madness! Only seven more game days, then it's back to the playoffs in the NFL.

Seven game days that will still offer a lot of excitement and craziness. Because even before the season started, it was clear that this was not going to be a normal season as we know it.

In the negative: because of Corona. On the positive side: because there have been more changes than there have been in the NFL for a long time. The move of super quarterback Tom Brady (43) from the New England Patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after 20 years. That mixed up everything, also because it was clear that the Super Bowl series winner from New England would have a damn hard time. Then the comeback of jester and Brady speci Rob Gronkowski (31). Quarterback roulette before and during the current season. And and and….

Time for the BILD-NFL crew to look back and dare to look ahead to the coming weeks towards the start of the playoff.

Christian Höb

The surprise of the season for me is the Miami Dolphins! The Florida team has six wins and three losses, has beaten teams like the Rams and the Cardinals and is on course for the playoffs. When Ryan Fitzpatrick changed quarterback to hopefuls and rookie Tua Tagovailoa, I thought: "A mistake, it's still too early for Tua!" I was probably wrong.

What I liked best: Jakob Johnson is establishing himself more and more with the New England Patriots and has even caught a touchdown. The first in NFL history by a German offensive player!

Derrick Henry's stiff arm against Bill's cornerback Josh Norman from week 5 was also a highlight! Henry simply pushes his opponent out of the way with brute force. Monster play from the monster running back of the Titans (1.91 meters / 108 kilos).

My view of the playoffs: For the second time since 2003, the Raiders will make it back into the playoffs. Also there: three teams from NFC West (Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks). My favorite to win the Super Bowl? The Kansas City Chiefs.

Felix Grimm

I was most pleased that Mike Tomlin is now the most successful black coach of all time! And with the Steelers has the best chance of the playoffs! Well deserved, after all the negative headlines of the last few years - for which he could absolutely nothing! I think it's crazy that Justin Jefferson danced his way to the top of the football charts with "The Griddy" as a touchdown dance from LSU / New Orleans!

After the success of rookie kicker Rodrigo Blankenship, I also wonder if we'll see more glasses in the NFL again in the future. The unfortunately injured Von Miller would be a candidate for me to finally establish this fashion trend in professional football in the coming season.

The Patriots disappointed me! After Tom Brady signed on with the Buccaneers, things are going much better for him there than for Bill Belichick in New England. So coaches don't win championships after all - players do!

I was surprised by quarterback Alex Smith, who is actually back on the football field after his nasty injury and an eternally long break. Even if I'm still a little skeptical that the leg will withstand this strain in the long term. So he has truly earned the title of “Comeback of the Year”!

I expect a lot of teams from NFC West and AFC North in the playoffs. Just like the Saints and the Bucs. As well as the Packers and the Vikings. All teams that had to face the rubble troops from the NFC Least more than once during the season, the worst division in professional football! That doesn't mean that these teams are necessarily better than the Chiefs and the Bills - they just had an easier time getting into the postseason! There, the sickness rate and the depth of the cadre will probably be decisive. The home advantage no longer plays a role in times of Corona. The chief favorites for me are the chiefs - they are the reigning champion to beat!

Kilian Gaffrey

The NFL crisis management worked. For once, Commissioner Roger Goodell did not step into the pandemic. That has gone really well so far.

The oldie quarterbacks (Brady, Brees, Rodgers and especially Big Ben) show that the new generation of quarterback (Mahomes, Jackson) can't get past them easily after last season's high and are hitting back heavily this season . I'll make a commitment: the Super Bowl winner will be led by an oldie playmaker. One of the four big names does it.

The comeback of Alex Smith after his serious leg injury two years ago was also great - amazing. Also great: We can maybe look forward to the next German Super Bowl winner: St. Brown has made its comeback after a year of epidemics and the Packers have really solid chances!

My flops: The Dallas Cowboys - so much bad luck! America's team is only a shadow of itself despite a good squad. This is of course also due to the injury to quarterback Dak Prescott. And what's the matter with Todd Gurley? Two years ago the measure of all things and now only mediocre with the Falcons - sad.

Gerrit Lagenstein

Of course, as a Seahawks fan, for the first few weeks I was most pleased that quarterback Russell Wilson was let off the leash. Finally more passes than the stubborn running game. After a furious start, there are currently turnovers and defeats, because the defense is historically bad. Seattle is very different from the last few years.

The Miami Dolphins were definitely a positive surprise. From by far the worst team twelve months ago to a playoff candidate in 2020. In the AFC, they will not (yet) be able to get past the Chiefs. The defending champion remains the big favorite for me at the Super Bowl. My hope for the rest of the season is simply that the schedule can be followed through. The NFL season is short enough as it is.

Except for the NFC East teams. Urgent request to the league bosses: Please change the playoff mode! It cannot be that a team with significantly more losses than wins in January can still play football and watch a more successful one just because it is based in the wrong region of the USA. The division rule is no longer appropriate.

Andreas Becker

So far it has been a lot of fun watching Tom Brady. After more than 20 years - in which he has won everything with the Patriots - to change the team that was really not one of the absolute NFL greats. At the age of 43, mind you. Respect. And Brady delivers. Sure, he had and still has his (minor) difficulties. But it gets better and better - and in the end it might really end up in the Super Bowl again. In his new hometown too. When that happens, he has FINALLY shown it to everyone.

The Steelers are probably a surprise, appearing with an insane dominance (nine wins in nine games). In addition, the Bills and the Dolphins, who mix up the league with.

Weak: A city like New York has two teams in the NFL. And as it has been for years, nothing comes around. Well, let's leave that ...

I am looking towards the Super Bowl full of optimism - because my team, the Green Bay Packers, are well on their way to finally topping it off again. Or how about a surprise winner? The above Bills or the Colts? The Kansas City Chiefs, with their brutal quality in the team, have the best chances of asserting themselves in the end.