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Comedy Women: Female stand-up comedians you should know

The quarantine period is dragging you down and every time you see the news you might just cry. Understandable! But right now it is important not to lose hope. Allow yourself to be happy and laugh for at least a few minutes in between. Make the most of the current situation and enjoy the little things. For example the videos of the following hilarious comedy women.

Stand-up comedians are a dime a dozen, but if someone asked you, internationally successful ones Comedians list, would you think of a few straight away? Or is it more of a man's name that is right on the tip of your tongue? If the latter is the case, then it's time to meet some clever, witty, and talented women in the comedy industry.
Some of the following women are mostly active on Twitter, others star in comedy series, but all of them either started stand-up or are still on stage now and then. From online dating to politics, each of them deals with a wide variety of topics in a humorous way.
Maybe not all of them suit your taste, humor is subjective after all, but maybe you will discover a new favorite comedian through the list. And by watching their shows, you can do your part to finally shake up the still male-dominated world of stand-up.