Google Glass is being revived

First Aid Features: Save Lives with Google Glass

There is heated discussion about Google Glass and some people want to directly ban smart glasses. In an emergency, it can even save human lives, as is now shown.

One thing is certain: Google Glass polarizes. While some see it as the future of communication, for others it is the first step towards an Orwellian surveillance state. But beyond the heated discussions about the benefits and harms of smart glasses, Google Glass also has practical benefits that can sometimes even save lives.

Google Glass as a lifesaver? At least that's how Christian Assad imagines it. Because the doctor and developer probably developed the first glassware, as the apps for Google Glass are called, which focus on resuscitation measures. In the event of an emergency, the wearer will be guided step-by-step through the necessary instructions to provide first aid.

Google Glass apps can even save lives.


The individual instructions can be activated with voice commands, which are then projected onto the Google Glass display and instruct the wearer exactly what to do next. This includes, for example, checking the injured person according to the ABC scheme for the airways, breathing and circulation. The voice command “OK Glass: No Pulse” can also be used to call up brief instructions on how to find the pulse. If you really can't find a pulse in the emergency victim, cardiopulmonary resuscitation can be initiated with the help of Glass. The gyroscope built into Google Glass also controls whether the heart-lung massage is performed with the correct rhythm of around 100 compressions per minute. At the same time, Google Glass also calls the emergency service and transmits the correct coordinates via GPS and also notifies the nearest hospital.

Interesting: During the rescue operations, the app plays the BeeGees song Stayin Alive in the background. Now you could think that the author simply wanted to live out his macabre way with this song, but he was wrong. Because Stayin Alive by the BeeGees is also used in medical training courses, as the song has the right rhythm for the heart-lung massage and thus supports the rescuer again in the right rhythm.

Of course, you have to take seriously the questions about data protection and privacy that arise from Google Glass. But it is precisely these kinds of apps that show the opportunities offered by Google Glass, which can sometimes even save lives. Neither a dull demonization of the data glasses nor blind cheers is appropriate, but rational weighing of the advantages and disadvantages.

Or how do you see that?

Source: Forbes (via Go2Android)