Why do i like two guys

Doesn't belong here ... why do I only like boys 'children but not girls' children?

Very interesting your thoughts, and not sooo reprehensible at all. Corrosive that people write here again you're a fake or stupid!

I have to say, I understand you, if I really think about it, I feel the same way, but for me it's the other way around.

I have 3 daughters and no son.
I don't have a brother either, just a sister.

When I was at school, boys "scared" me well into puberty, they intimidated me just by their demeanor, their manner and their appearance. I never spoke to them. Even after that, I first had to reduce insecurity in order to be able to enter into a relationship with a male being.

When I was little I always had the idea of ​​having a son as the oldest, who then protects the little ones and so on.
When I was finally pregnant I actually prayed every day that it just wouldn't be a boy. As unfair as that sounds, it would have disappointed and overwhelmed me.
My favorite color was pink, I wanted a "like-minded" person next to me, a mini version of myself and one of the main reasons I wanted a baby so badly was that I wanted to buy those cute things everywhere that I had always seen, and they were all for girls - the complete initial equipment, pink, purple, flowers, butterflies ...

I would have loved to have a son, definitely. To get to know it, and because later on I find it pleasant to have a grown man next to my husband.
I'm not really keen on childhood either. I'm not sure how it will be.
There are a lot of little boys in my husband's family.
I usually find what I see annoying. I don't feel like this wild romping and fighting and hitting and throwing things. Of course my girls are cheeky. But not wild, you don't have to leave much, you sit quietly at the table for hours and paint.
What I see with other moms with boys makes me feel insecure and rather worried ...
I also find most toys so ugly and annoying. Vehicles, ball stuff and that sort of thing ... my husband is totally crazy about most things and is looking forward to being able to buy all the nonsense ... well, be granted to him, of course, I also buy "girl stuff" for our daughters.

I also think in dealing, with a feeling of shame, moving everything in front of each other from a certain age, showering etc ... it would be really something different than now so completely among girls, both for me and for my daughters ...

I'm curious how it would be, maybe a boy will come ... At the moment it wouldn't fit in with us, but that's also our habit.