Who are some famous salsa dancers

Top 10 best salsa dancers in the world

This list is a combination of the best salsa dancers around the world. Salsa dancer is not that easy. It requires great body movements and mechanics of the dance to take care of. The people named here have been widely seen in theaters, TV shows, and loved on social media. So, let's start the list.

10. Shaka Brown

Shaka Brown became a regular salsa dancer. He always makes his appearances look great. His footwork and body language speak to you about the perfection of the Shaka as a dancer. He has always brought so much freshness and enjoyment for us when he performs.

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9. Al "Liquid Silver" Espinoza

Espinoza is an excellent salsa dance that is known to produce unique performance in the shows. This dancer was nicknamed "Liquid Silver" and was known worldwide for the excellent dance moves.

8. Johnny Vazquez

Johnny is a legend synonymous with "LA On1" style. Is he part of the famous Vazquez brothers who helped shape an entire generation of "On1" salsa dancers. Achievement wise, Johnny has absolutely no match. He is one of the best salsa dancers in history.

7. Oliver Pineda

Oliver Pineda's effortless performance needs no introduction. He has been the shining star of the music industry. Let us consider him the father of salsa dance. Oliver has always drove social media fans crazy because of his excellent moves. He could probably dance with a martini in hand and not spill a drop of Ala "Old Blue Eyes" himself.

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6. Leon Rose

Leon Rose is known for his sophisticated and graceful style of salsa dancing. He has always included the elements of jazz dance in his performances. The shows it leaves a good impression on people's minds. Leon is, no doubt, known for his mature dance forms and large movements.

(5) Terry "SalsAlianza" Tauliaut

Terry is one of the most talked about salsa dancers. He has often seen performing in night clubs and theaters. This incredible person looks like an ultra-cool '70s soul brother ... from France. Let's call him Samuel from Salsa.

4. Adolfo Indacochea

Adolfo is one of the few dancers born into a family with a taste for music. He is a mambo magician, never needed a dance partner to show his excellent skills. He also knows the techniques of dance alone, which is why, his movements are always clear enough and large on the stage.

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3. Juan "Pachanga" Matos

Juan is one of his kind. He is an exceptional dancer who never misses a single train. He is known for his unique style and engaging dance moves. He is known for having an incredible amount of energy, verve, flair and power to dance to.

(2) Frankie Martinez

Frankie Martinez is famous for his posture while dancing. He is one of the most fearless salsa dancers of all time. With his unique style and extraordinary moves, Frankie is known for his good footwork and toned body movements. He has always combined unique skills with his Mambo Shines.

1. Gordon Neil

Neil Gordon took the top position on our list. He is one of the most respected salsa dancers around. He is known for his excellent Latin dance style. His improvisation and social dancing skills made his popular the world over in no time.

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