Is a poncho Mexican

Mexican Poncho Deluxe S-XXXL

Mexican poncho deluxe

Vamos! Let's go to the party in this great Mexican poncho deluxe. A wonderful costume with which you can dress up quickly and without a lot of work. Simply wear the closed cape over normal everyday clothing. A great disguise for people who don't go to great lengths to dress up and still want to look good.

Deluxe woven fabric - Mexican poncho

The Mexican poncho is made of deluxe woven fabric. The fabric is easy to grip and soft, feels like cotton. The great ethnic pattern is kept in slightly more muted colors. Gray-blue, wine-red, yellow and olive-green alternate in a great pattern. The fabric is tightly woven and has a nice drape. A fringed border in beautiful old pink is sewn on the lower hem. A really classy costume at a great price.

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The wide and colorful Mexican poncho in TOP quality is a true miracle of size. It actually fits everyone, regardless of whether you are slim, stout, tall or short. Therefore, the costume is also ideal for groups. Also a hit for pregnant women. In addition, the poncho is simply totally practical. Warm clothes can be worn underneath at the street carnival. And when you go to a warm hall or pub, you can quickly take off the winter jacket underneath and you are still well dressed.

Tip from Kostümpalast:
Matching sombrero hats and a self-adhesive Mexican beard can be ordered separately.


100% polyester