What's in Alfredo Sauce

Pasta Alfredo - Quick and easy pasta sauce

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Have you ever eaten spelled pasta? Neither have we so far. We were therefore surprised that the spelled pasta from Steinhaus tastes so wonderful and is a great alternative to pasta made from durum wheat semolina. Instead of making a tomato sauce with pasta, as usual, we opted for Pasta Alfredo.

This pasta bianco, a white pasta, is not for the faint of heart. The pasta Alfredo is not spicy or has an extraordinary taste, no, it is just incredibly rich. Let's not talk about the bush for a long time, in our case the Pasta Alfredo. Butter, cream cheese and cream, plus a little parmesan, make this sauce so incredibly delicious, but also rich.

Our choice: Steinhaus spelled pasta spinach ricotta

We didn't choose the classic fettuccine as pasta, but the new Steinhaus spelled pasta in the spinach-ricotta variety. This is new to the market and has spinach-ricotta as well as cheese-rocket as a variety. Instead of durum wheat semolina, spelled semolina is used, which comes 100% from Germany.

The spelled pasta is super tasty and a real alternative to pasta made from durum wheat semolina. When cooking, the ravioli don't fall apart, they are super stable and keep their shape. The variant with cheese-rocket and sun-dried tomatoes is also super delicious and goes just as well with our Pasta Bianco as the spinach-ricotta variant.

When we saw the spelled pasta, it was clear to us that we couldn't just come up with a “normal” sauce. Due to the special bite that this pasta has, we wanted to create a sauce that is particularly creamy and can therefore act well as a counterpart to spelled pasta. The filling of the Steinhaus spelled pasta should also come into its own and not simply be covered by a sauce.

Alfredo: Our new sauce in stock

I just mentioned that the Alfredo sauce is incredibly delicious. With so much flavor in it, it's no wonder. Pasta Alfredo is made super fast and most of it, actually everything for us, is always in the fridge. Add Italian herbs and you have a delicious, quick sauce.

We have already made them in stock and simply stored them in the refrigerator and then warmed them up whenever necessary. If you do it, then don't be surprised that it is liquid at the beginning, that the Alfredo sauce can be quiet. The more it cools, the firmer it becomes. Therefore it is best not to boil down so thick at all, otherwise the pasta will be concrete.

Pasta Alfredo - white pasta sauce quick and easy

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Fast pasta sauce based on the alfredo sauce. Fettuccine is traditionally served with it, we have used the new spelled pasta from Steinhaus here.
Country & Region Italian
  • 115 g butter
  • 2 cups of cream in total 400g
  • 120 g cream cheese
  • 1 teaspoon garlic granulated
  • 2 tbsp Italian herbs
  • 100 g grated parmesan cheese
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 2 packages Steinhaus spelled pasta, spinach and ricotta


  • Put the butter, cream cheese and cream in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Add the garlic and all the other spices.
  • Stir in the parmesan and season to taste, seasoning if necessary (also with parmesan). Let it simmer slightly.
  • Put Steinhaus spelled pasta spinach ricotta into boiling water according to the instructions on the packet and let it steep for two minutes.
  • Add the spelled pasta to the sauce and serve.

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