Why should a company have an attorney?

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Lawyers support you with their knowledge in the search for the right legal form of the company. With the help of a lawyer, you can prioritize the criteria. In addition, the lawyer also knows which permits are required and which precautionary measures should be taken. The decision for a legal form is very important as it determines the future legal framework of your company. In this regard, lawyers can also point out if the legal form has to be changed or adapted in the course of a company. So don't hesitate - ask a lawyer!

Terms and Conditions - General Terms and Conditions

The general terms and conditions are pre-formulated contractual conditions that the entrepreneur or start-up can adapt to his business conditions within the framework of the statutory provisions. General terms and conditions are used when contracts are concluded and do not have to be renegotiated every time. It is important that contractual partners are expressly referred to the terms and conditions. What do you have to pay attention to when formulating terms and conditions? Ask a lawyer.

The tax law

Tax law is very complex. It regulates the setting and collection of taxes with numerous exceptions. In the area of ​​corporate tax law, there are also a number of individual structuring options. A lawyer will help you to meet your tax obligations and exercise your tax rights, especially with regard to your legal form. So don't panic - ask a lawyer.

The labor law

Labor law regulates the relationship between employer and employee (individual labor law) as well as between coalitions of employees and employers (collective labor law). Among other things, labor law lays down rules for the employment contract and for the termination of an employment relationship. In this regard, a lawyer can particularly inform you as a start-up about your duties as an employer. Is something unclear? Ask a lawyer.

Intellectual Property

Commercial legal protection includes various regulations that affect the protection of your company. Among other things, it protects company names, brands, know-how or inventions. Copyright is also part of commercial legal protection. Lawyers can therefore advise you on protecting your corporate property. Uncertainties? Ask a lawyer.

Legal fees

The legal fees depend on the individual case. The remuneration is based on the extent of the advice. Lawyers have to negotiate a remuneration agreement with the client for a consulting assignment. The lawyer can therefore agree on a flat fee or a time allowance for his advisory work. Legal fees for advice are not subject to any legal requirements

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