Should I port from Vodafone

Simply explained: number portability with Vodafone

Your phone number belongs to you. That's why you can take it with you if you change something in your landline or mobile phone contract. Number portability is very easy and easy to manage.

Here you can find out who you can contact if you want to take your phone number with you, how it works and what it costs. We have summarized all information about prepaid cards, mobile phone contracts and landline connections for you.

You want to take your cell phone number with you

In many cases, you can simply take your mobile number with you to Vodafone. This works, for example, if you are still a customer of another provider and are signing a new contract with Vodafone or have already signed it. You even have up to 90 days after the end of your old contract. You can also take your phone number with you to Vodafone ahead of time, up to 123 days before your old contract expires.

If you don't want to conclude a fixed-term contract because you have decided on CallYa, you can of course also take your phone number with you to Vodafone. In this case, porting must take place immediately when you commission your CallYa card.

Do you currently have a CallYa card and would like to conclude a contract with Vodafone? Then you can simply keep your mobile number. It works the same way with your remaining prepaid credit. Vodafone will credit this when you switch your customer account so that you can use it up completely. Depending on the tariff, you will also get a discounted smartphone when you switch.

You should pay attention to that

Unfortunately, under certain conditions it is not possible to port your number. For example, if you want to port the phone number of an existing Vodafone contract to another Vodafone contract, it will unfortunately not work directly. Likewise, it is not possible to transfer a number from CallYa directly to an existing Vodafone term contract. You can also continue to use your Vodafone term contract as a CallYa prepaid card after the minimum term has expired. Simply fill out this form.

If you have terminated your contract, you will receive an SMS one week before the end of the contract and on the last day of the contract. In it, Vodafone informs you that your SIM card will be activated for CallYa after your term contract has expired. Your cancellation will of course still apply.

You want to take your landline number with you

In the event of a move, the number portability only works if you move within your previous area code. If your new home has a different area code, you will get a new landline number.

If you change provider, you can easily take your landline number with you. The so-called porting is very straightforward.

When placing your order, simply indicate that you want to take your landline number with you to Vodafone. Then Vodafone will send you a change of provider form and you don't need to worry about anything else. This form not only ensures that you can take up to two phone numbers with you to Vodafone, but also includes the termination of your old contract, which Vodafone will be happy to take care of directly.

Now you have all the information on how to keep your phone number and take it with you. Do you need further help with number portability? In the Vodafone forum you will find all the important information about taking with you Cellular and Landline once again in the short version.