Why weren't the ancient Egyptian pharaohs smarter?

Pharaoh on the move

Even if some people claim the opposite, the ancient Egyptians knew the ingenious invention of the wheel and also used wheels for transportation. There were two-wheeled carts and four-wheeled carts pulled by cattle.

So far we have talked about the transport of objects. But what about the movement of people? For one thing, of course, people went on foot. However, the ancient Egyptians did not walk barefoot, they already had shoes! We saw pictures of Egyptian sandals. They actually looked a lot like our sandals today.

Rich people could afford to be carried on sedan chairs. The sedan chairs were again carried by people. At least two people were required for this, but depictions were also found showing one person's litter being carried by 24 servants! Of course, this person was not that heavy, but employed many servants to demonstrate their wealth. Pure showing off! There were even sedan chairs that you could put on donkeys' backs. Such a donkey litter was definitely a shaky affair!

For faster movement there were chariots that were pulled by horses. Such chariots have also been found in the tombs of the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun. They were used for hunting, archery and walking. The only way to travel faster was as a rider on horseback. Ambassadors, for example, have ridden a lot to get their messages across as quickly as possible.

Last we saw photos of the accommodation while traveling. The Egyptians already had travel tents and beds and chairs for traveling. Tutankhamun's travel cot could even be folded up for transport.

So this is how it was with locomotion in ancient Egypt! Now I finally know how the heavy stone blocks were transported to the pyramid building.

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Your KUNIbert Schlaufuchs