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Mindfulness: 13 recommendations for more relaxation

Practice creates masters. This also applies to mindfulness. And there are, the cracks, who rest in themselves and carry everyone away with their charisma. Or the books that change your perspective. We'll tell you here which people and media you should definitely take to heart when it comes to mindfulness and meditation.

Youtube channels on the subject of mindfulness

Peter Beer

Anyone who would like to find out more about mindfulness and resilience, i.e. psychological resistance even in difficult situations, has come to the right place with Peter Beer. With the meditation and mindfulness teacher and founder of the mindfulness academy, you can learn to plan less and instead focus on what is actually important to you personally. In addition, the mindfulness cracker exposes security as fiction. A good opportunity, especially in times of Corona, to simply let things come your way and have confidence. Because sometimes preparation isn't everything!

Mady Morrison

With 591,000 subscribers, Mady Morrison is the queen of mindful exercise. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or just curious: You will get your money's worth in turn when it comes to yoga exercises, a small selection of meditations or challenges for more fitness, whether in the morning or in the evening. Ideal for times like these: you only need a small corner for the yoga mat, then you can start with the all-round wellness program for pretty much every part of the body - and the head.

Veit Lindau

Life coach and speaker Veit Lindau not only travels through the country and coaches those who are looking for happiness. You should definitely listen to his meditations on YouTube! In contrast to many others in his field, he does not only focus on the positive, but also includes negative experiences. Keyword: letting go. So if you've been wanting to practice forgiveness and, above all, self-love for a long time, Veit Lindau offers the right videos. Incidentally, the 50-year-old also runs a podcast called “Seelengevögelt”.

ASMR Janina

Yes, okay, this ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a bit absurd, yes. In Chinese healing medicine, the meridians are channels that should run through the whole body. ASMR, i.e. noises very close to the microphone, from simple whispering to neat driving through the hair to so-called tapping, i.e. gentle knocking on a variety of objects, can be anything. The YouTube community is huge and one of the most famous German representatives of the genre is Janina. Special tip: The Youtuber recently started a “No Talking” channel with over 300,000 subscribers. If you've always wanted to be lulled to sleep with a gentle tapping sound: let's go! But be careful - listen with headphones.

Mindfulness podcasts

Meditation, Coaching & Life

Curse aka Michael Kurth may well know some of you as a rapper. As a reminder: From 2000 to 2010 he was consistently and successfully with the music. Then he made a cut because he was missing: happiness. He looked for and finally found this in Buddhism, traveled around and trained with well-known coaches. In his early 30s he became a systemic coach himself. Since then he has been practicing meditation and yoga and also lets others participate in his way of life: for example with his special meditation technique "0000 + x". You can find out what this is all about in the podcast as well as relaxation tricks and private matters of the now 40-year-old.
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Understand, feel, be happy

Neuropsychologist and meditation researcher Boris Bornemann as well as editor-in-chief of the mindfulness magazine Flow Sinja Schütte illuminate the big and small questions in life week after week. The great thing about it: On the one hand, you experience scientifically sound, but feeling and, above all, happiness are always the focus. Most of the time, the topics are broken off with one word, such as "serenity", "goals" or "love". But the podcast greatly starts with the word “mindfulness”. No wonder, with the subtitle “Mindfulness Podcast”. The introduction for mindfulness newbies is thus secured. Well worth hearing and a great way to get closer to yourself in a crisp 25 minutes.
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7 min

Shaping change: that is René Träder's credo. So it fits very well that the psychologist in his podcast (in normal times) asks interesting interview guests about the topic every week in the 7Mind podcast. You can also regularly pick up helpful tips here when it comes to personal development. On top of that there are practice-oriented exercises, for example on the subject of uncertainty or serenity. Even better: He presents the whole thing “without hocus-pocus”, i.e. Eso-Touch. Special Corona tip: You can currently take part in a 7Mind live meditation every evening via Facebook event. You can find information about this in the show notes of the podcast.
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Mindfulness books

Healthy through meditation

The pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn published the standard work on mindfulness as early as 1990. A new edition is now on the market, but you can also get the audio book for all kinds of meditations. In it you will learn about the basics of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, i.e. the program that Kabat-Zinn developed to reduce pain and stress. Chapters like “Life is made up of moments”, “Breath is a strong ally” or “Everything is in flux” bring you closer to your mindful everyday life little by little.
Jon Kabat-Zinn, Health through Meditation*, Paperback, Knaur MensSana 2013, 464 pages.

The subtle art of giving a shit

Both the English title and the Germanized "art of shitting on it" give an idea of ​​what it is about: not to give a damn about every crap. Mark Manson begins his book with a prominent example, Charles Bukowski, and works his way around personal failures. This is not only helpful and smart, but also incredibly funny. Because like Bukowski, Manson also puts his ego in the background and explains how useless many thought games and activities are. Even if he clearly recommends missteps. Definitely not a mistake: reading this book!
Mark Manson, The subtle art of shit *, paperback, mvg Verlag 2017, 224 pages.

A good plan

Okay, this book is not a book to read. This radically mindful planner, with no year or special dates, is more about learning by doing. Right from the start, you can look forward to two real self-reflection hits with the questions “What makes you happy?” And “What makes you unhappy?”. And that's exactly how it continues. With monthly focus, wishes, goals. What is needed are self-love, avoidance of stress and time for yourself, even in the most stressful and stressful month. A good plan - with lots of good exercises!
A good plan *, hardback, EGP Verlag GmbH 2019, 240 pages.

Mindfulness apps


Mountains, splashing waves and lots of meditations, breathing pauses, relaxation stories and sleep aids: the Calm app helps to integrate mindfulness exercises into the day. This works well, for example after getting up, during lunch break or in the evening. The only catch: After seven free days of testing (starting with the "Basics of Mindfulness"), the app costs 11.99 euros per month, with an annual subscription of 35.99 euros (ie 2.99 euros per month) or 399.99 dollars for life. In addition to focusing on gratitude and relaxation, Calm also promises a remedy for fears and self-built walls. Perhaps helpful support, especially in current times. Attention: The app does not replace medical help!
Calm, Android, iOS

Yoga for Beginners / Down Dog

Good service: Down Dog's yoga introduction is completely free during the Corona period. The offer is valid until May 1st, also for the advanced version called "Yoga / Down Dog". Beginners can choose between an introduction to Vinyasa, Hatha or Restorative Yoga. Then you can either continue with physical exercises, so-called asanas, or, as in restorative yoga, with meditations and gentle movements. The very long disclaimer also very responsibly points out that the app is no substitute for medical help. Pregnant women and minors are not advised to use it.
Down Dog, Android, iOS

Lucky diary - private diary and daily quotes

"If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, never have enough," the clever Oprah Winfrey already knew. The lucky diary by app inventor Pritesh Sankhe is a small reminder when it comes to gratitude. Life shook him badly before he focused on the positive sides and experiences and wrote them down. His app, in the original "Gratitude", was a complete success and today he gives others tips on how to get better in the present through more gratitude, a personal happiness journal, affirmations and encouraging quotes. And if in doubt, you can also fall asleep better.
Lucky diary, Android, iOS


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