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Vestige Verdant - Organic Mask & Rare Oil Blend Facial Oil

A few weeks ago I received a request from Vestige Verdant, asking if they could send me samples of their products. Of course, I was very happy about that. I had never heard of the brand before, but the packaging all looked very classy and since this is natural cosmetics, you can't really go wrong anyway.

Vestige Verdant - Organic Mask & Rare Oil Blend

Vestige Verdant sent me two products - currently these are the entire range, which will certainly be expanded. The products were the Organic Bioactive Face Mask and the Rare Oil Blend, a type of facial oil. In the meantime I have tested both products extensively and since my stressful exam period is finally over, I now have the time to introduce them to you.


  • available from Vestige Vardant directly
  • Rare Oil Blend: 59 € for 50 ml
  • Organic Mask: 49 € for 200ml

Vestige Verdant - Organic Mask & Rare Oil Blend

Vestige Verdant - Rare Oil Blend Facial Oil

Vestige Verdant - Rare Oil Blend Facial Oil

Since I tend to have combination skin, I hardly ever use facial oil. I always fear that taking too much care of my skin and that it will get tons of pimples as a result. In my case, the dry areas of skin are not evenly distributed, but mixed with greasier areas.

Fortunately, this fear has not come true with the Rare Oil Blend. The oil is more liquid and has a much lighter consistency than other consistency. It is immediately absorbed into the skin and does not leave a greasy sheen or a layer of fat.

The scent of the Rare Oil Blends from Vestige Verdant also convinced me. It smells delicately flowery, although it has almost completely evaporated immediately after the application. One pump stroke is enough for the entire face as well as the neck area, the Rare Blend Oil is therefore very economical and the 50ml it contains will last for quite a while.

My skin feels baby soft after use, no further care is necessary afterwards, my skin is completely satisfied and cared for. Nevertheless, I always use the oil in the evening and the next morning it looks completely relaxed - smooth, balanced, well moisturized and simply healthy.

Vestige Verdant - Organic Mask face mask

Vestige Verdant - Organic Mask

I also really like the Organic Mask from Vestige Verdant. The mask cleanses the skin thoroughly and also leaves the skin feeling baby-soft. I always leave the mask on for 10 minutes, after a few minutes it starts to tingle slightly and towards the end of the exposure time it is mostly dried out. I only leave out the eye area generously, as the tingling sensation there is rather unpleasant.

The Organic Mask smells even more subtle than the Rare Oil Blend Facial Oil, the scent is almost imperceptible. The first time I used it, I had a little reddening on the skin, which is why I would recommend that you only leave the mask off for a short time the first time. With each subsequent application, the redness became less and less until it finally stopped completely, my skin got used to it. My skin is much smoother and cleaner after using it.


I really like the Rare Blend Oil from Vestige Verdant, but for night care I prefer the Sleeping Cream from Garnier. The effect is the same, but the price is only 1/5 with the same content. But if you prefer natural cosmetics and are willing to spend a little more money, I can recommend Vestige Verdant facial oil.

I feel the same way with the organic mask. I also really like her very much. Nevertheless, the price for a mask is far too expensive for me, even if the price-performance ratio is definitely right here.

I also like the design of the two products very much. Although they are "also" made of plastic, it is still absolutely stable and the packaging is of high quality. But not only that, the black and white design also makes them an absolute eye-catcher in every bathroom.

Have you heard of Vestige Verdant?
How do you like the presentation of the products?

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